Myanmar Food & Recipes

Naturally, Myanmar food is highly influenced with the neighboring cultures, although there are some unique to Myanmar. Roughly speaking, most Myanmar dishes are somewhere between Thai salads, Indian curries, and Chinese soups.

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Ngapi Yay Kyo (ငပိရည်ကြို)

Ngapi Yay Kyo, simple means, boiled fish-paste.

Steamed Toddy Cake

1. Toddy palm
2. Sugar
3. Iodized salt
4. Lime

Rakhine Seafood

Rakhine people cook most famous dishes, originally from the west coast of Myanmar.

Myanmar Food by Antony Boudain, CNN

This video is presented by Antony Boudain, CNN Chef Traveller

Myanmar Street Food

Here is a brief Myanmar street food, presented by Ivana Seada.

Ahnyar Mohinga

Half a chicken, Half fish and lemon grass. Roasted rice powder without persuasion style bread read. Green gram powder to add more entertainment to draw coconut noodles နိူ့ wine grapes to be read in conjunction with the cream too early to say anything bad about, but good enough and I regret Brew so thanks.
The village of the western bank of the Monywa Nyaung classic. If you sell Monywa broth bread salad with bow says it is pumping. Chickens and meat extract, Kill The rest of the chicken legs, The wing walls and throat are broth like the menu in favor of bone pain can spend. Pig Shwebo, Kyaukpandaung Myingyan form.

Wax-Flavored Thingyan Rice

Yes. That's right. You read it correctly. Wax is not supposed to be eaten. Wax in rice sounds really weired. Isn't it? It is quite common that wax is applied to preserve fruits, such as lemon, apples, and so on.

Hinthada Mohinga

Hinthada Mohinga

Mont Kalamel (မုန့်ကုလားမဲ)

We, Myanmar people, usually have numerous kinds of snacks and traditional foods region wise. Most of them are made, based on rice and glutinous rice. In Myanmar, there is a very greening and pleasant coastal region called Myeik at which the dough with the special taste is very famous regional dessert.

Egg Curry

Myanmar egg curry is a very common quickie dish.

Mawlamyine Mohinga

Mon-style Mawlamyine mohinga is  a litle different from the Bamar typical mohinga. It's the southern style, typically with different ingredients.

Rainbow Salad - Ah Thoke Sone (အသုပ်စုံ)

Myanmar Rainbow Salad - A Thoke Sone (အသုပ်စုံ) receipe is presented here for you.

Mohinga (မုန့်ဟင်းခါး)

Myanmar famous mohinga is 1 of the most common typical Myanmar noodle dish in fish soup. Pundits say that the world is at the dawn of a New Golden Age of travel. Growing affluence and leisure of the middle class not only in Europe but also in Asia, combined to spur the travel itch, thus opening further new frontiers for travel.

Myanmar Food by Master Chef Oliver Soe Thet

Presented by Oliver Soe Thet, Myanmar Food by Myanmar Chef Association.

Myanmar Laphet (Tea)
Myanmar are fond of the pickled tea, laphet, which is a traditional delicacy. The pickled tea, mixed with fried garlic, sesame and groundnut, is served at merit sharing ceremonies and weddings.

Noodle in Coconut Chicken Soup (အုန်းနို့ခေါက်ဆွဲ)

After Mohinga, wheat noodle in coconut chicken broth could be the second most popular noodle dish in Myanmar. Here is the recipe.

Myanma Green Tea
The first and fore most origin of the tea is found in the source of Ayeyarwaddy and spreading the surrounding areas, such as Myanmar Assam border areas, Naga Land, Manipur and Lashi ranges in the eastern parts of Myanmar. In the western parts, China, Northern plateaus of Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Nangyi Thoke (နန်းကြီးသုပ်)

One of the most popular spaghetti-like noodle dish is called Nangyi Thoke. Here is the recipe.

Pickled Tea Leaves (or) Laphet

Taking tea usually without milk and sugar is the custom in the Shan State,as it is through out the Union of Myanmar because everyone,young or elderly,male or female,lay or monk,drinks tea usually in the traditional way but rarely in a modern way mixing it with milk and sugar.

Ground Chili


Myanmar Candy
Toddy palm plantation is a thriving commercial undertaking in Central Myanmar. Jaggery, a popular sweetmeat akin to candy, is the major product derived from toddy juice.