Myanmar Culture


As some defines it, "culture" defines 'way of life', meaning the way groups do things. Excellence of taste in the fine arts and humanities, also known as high culture. An integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior. The outlook, attitudes, values, morals goals, and customs shared by a society. As described, Myanmar culture covers a wide range of areas, from festivals, religion, food, clothing, music, dances, tradition, customs, superstitions, and numerious ways of doing things.

Stereotype of Myanmar can be constructed out of Myanmar culture, however it is needed to note that Myanmar is a very heterogeneous country teamed up of 135 different nationalities all around the country, with different language, religion, and cultures too.



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What is Mingalar par?

Some ancient writers extracted 38 points out of Buddhist teaching, and adapted into Myanmar culture to practice whenever possible. Whenever someone greet as "Mingalar par" in Myanmar, he or she virtually refers in brief that right now, there are these 38 rules are practiced right there, at the time and day of greeting.

Boxes, Baskets, Baubles and Bastions

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There seems to be no end of things gotten out of the toddy palm. There is yet one product which is a popular household equipment in rural and(urban homes. It is htan-khauk-pha, htan-khauk = toddy palm frond: pha= box or basket), it is called pha for short.

Myanmar Fans

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In Myanmar, the fan is used frequently. Myanmar Traditional Fan is one of Myanmar’s traditional articles of use. We use it to cool ourselves in the hot weather and you can be rest-assured that the weather really gets hot in the summer, in Myanmar.

Myanmar Kickboxing

Myanmar has a tradition of kickboxing that's said to date back to the Bagan era, although the oldest written references are found in chronicles of warfare between Myanmar and Thailand during the 15th and 16th centuries. Myanmar kickboxing (Myanma Let-hwei) is very similar in style to Siamese kickboxing or Muay Thai. 

Myanma Thanakha

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Prim city matrons are loud in their grouse and usually their discontent is with the spiraling of prices of meat and fowl. Now, it is also scarcity of coconut hair oil and, as a last straw, the forbidding prices of Thanakha.
Thanakha - botanical term (Limonia Acidissma Linn ) is essential as well as a favorite cosmetic which comes in the form of a yellow paste applied to the face and goes under the name of Thanakha. Hence, this has developed into a topic of lively comment in the Myanmar Media.


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Superstition of different cultures are interesting in some ways.

Myanmar Chess

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Chess is one of the games that is well-known and played around the world. And in Myanmar, we have our own significant traditional chess game. Since ancient times, the Myanmar people were very keen and fond of playing traditional chess. In fact, Myanma traditional chess in based on four warfare elements, which were show in old Myanmar military text and scriptures.

The Worshipping of Nats

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The worshipping of Nats in Myanmar is a kind of a traditional heritage from generation to generation.

Myanmar Calendar

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Myanmar Calendar consists of 12 months.Since Myanmar Calendar is based on the Lunar Calendar, the months of the English Calendar and the Myanmar Calendar will differ in months.

Myanmar Family and Perceptions

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Much has been said about the institution of family in Myanmar, that it is essentially a relationship based on specific duties and responsibilities on the part of husband, wife, parents and offspring.

Myanmar Flora & Fauna

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More Off-beat Myanmar Foods

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High status delicacy - to some

Myanmar Traditional Wedding Ceremony

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When a boy and a girl come of age and, love one another and will want to marry and live happy ever after, a wedding ceremony will be performed for them where their parents, relatives, honourable guests and friends are invited, so that they will be recognized as a newly married couple. This wedding ceremony we present, celebrated according to Myanmar Traditions and computable to the modern age.


Shwe Dagon Pagoda
What is a Pagoda?
A pagoda, in Southeast Asia, is cone-shaped monumental structure built in memory of Buddha. But in the Far East, a pagoda is a tower-like, multi-storeyed structure of stone, brick, or wood, usually associated with a Buddhist temple complex. The pagoda derives from the stupa of ancient India, which was a dome-shaped commemorative monument, usually erected over the remains or relics of a holy man or king.

Pine-Apple Salad

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Pineapple Salad is an interesting dish. First, peel pine- apple and cut the upper layer of meat into pieces. Then, slice onion and clean them. Add shrimp paste, dried prawn powder, salt and mix chilli in the bowl. And then mix ingredients thoroughly. Now, you can taste a savoury pine-apple salad.

Manussiha (or) The Man Lion

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What is a Man Lion?
A Man Lion is a symbol that represents the guardian of a precious place. Such as the Sphinx of the Egypt, in Myanmar theses guardians are called as Manussiha (or) the Man Lion.

Betel Leaves and Betel Boxes

Hospitality and welcome
          Betel chewing is still as much a habit as smoking cheroots here in Myanmar. Even right in the city of Yangon, at every street comer you see little stalls that sell, among other things like cheroot, matches and sweets, betel-quids ready for chewing.

Myanmar Wine

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Aythaya vineyard produces red, white and rose wine since 2004. Before that, the project was started by a German entrepreneur Mr. Bert Morshach and a group of European friends. 
The first step in creating this vineyard started during 1998. The first 3,000 vines were imported from Europe and were planted in the capital of the Kayah States, Loikaw.

A Myanmar Rice Meal

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The Myanmar takes two rice meals a day, that is, not counting the breakfast, the rice he takes with boiled peas and a dash of sesamum oil. It does not count, because iris not taken with curries as accompaniment.

The Oldest Modern Rail Bridge The Gokkteik Bridge

Among modern rail bridges of major size that were built in Myanmar in prewar times the Gokkteik Bridge in Northern Shan State is the oldest and largest. Other great bridges for land vehicles especially rail train to cross over, are the Inwa Bridge (or commonly known as the Sagaing Bridge) crossing the Ayeyawaddy River, in Mandalay and Sagaing Divisions, the Sittaung Bridge crossing the Sittaung River in Bago Division and Mon State, the Nga Moyeik Bridge crossing the Nga Moyeik Stream in Yangon Division the Myit Nge Bridge crossing the Myit Nge River in Mandalay Division, and the Kha Baung Bridge crossing the Kha Baung Stream in Mandalay Division. 

Sweet Savouries from Toddy Palms

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Toddy palms are not merely decorative, not just a prop to put on a postcard above the little pagoda, its fronds way-laying the crescent moon in her heavenly path.