Myanmar is located in southeast Asia between Thailand, China and India. Due to its rapid changes and openess, many see it as the next frontier of business opportunities. CNN and Lonely Planet chose Myanmar as the world's number 2 best destinations 2012. Being the 40th largest country and 25th most populated, Myanmar has so much room for growth.

We, together with the leader of change Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, welcome you all with open arms to travel or to invest in Myanmar. Preview Myanmar though our photo slideshows. We hope that our new rating features of hotel reivews and restaurant reviews can guide you best to your needs. Welcome!

By Mark Harrison

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Ananda Pagoda

info Ananda Pagoda also known as Ananda Pahto, is estimated to be a monument of the early 12th Century. It is one of the finest, largest, best preserved and most revered of the Bagan Pagodas. This pagoda was donated and built by King Kyansitthar in the early Bagan Period. 

Nagar Glass Factory

Photo Credit -  Tanja Van De Linde
info The best glass factory in Yangon.Destroyed by 2008 Nargis cyclone.But you can still find beautiful glasses.

Ahlodawpyae Pagoda

Ahlodawpyae Pagoda
info Located between the new Bagan and the village of Bagan, this temple is style of tradition between the first period and the intermediate period. It still expresses traces of the Pyu culture,with the stupa placed on the superstructure, which preceded the arrival by Sikkhara as in Nat Hlaung Kyaung then then in Nanpaya, the first temples of briques.

Bungee Jumping in Myanmar

Although there are a lot of bungee jumping sites in Myanmar, there is no operator who offer this service yet so far till May 2017. Safety is very important for this sport. Like golf, bungee jumping hobbyists do look for a chance to do bungee jumping, which ever city they arrive to. Some tourists suggested that Gote Htaik Bridge and bridges in the Yangon area could be a very good place for bungyee jumping.

A Trip to Natma Taung

Chin mountain state on the western country offers stunning views and highland cultures and traditions of native hill tribe peoples. The hiking to the peak of Mt. Victoria also called Nat Ma Taung in Myanmar (10200 feet or 3109 meters above sea level) is arranged as day return climb or 3 to 4 days walk. 

Kite Boarding

Kite Boarding is very interesting and physically active sport. There is a nice spacious beach-place a  few hours away from Yangon, called Ngwe Saung Yacht Club. They offer quality, fun and safe kitesurfing lessons. Ngwe Saung Yacht Club is completely endorsed and safeguarded to educate at our uncrowded, concession affirmed showing shoreline and teach utilizing the IKO preparing plan.

10 Things to do in Myanmar

10 Things to do in Myanmar includes balooning, biking, and traveling all around the country. Please sit back and enjoy a 2-minute presentation.

Myanmar Embassies Listing

Embassy Of The Union Of Myanmar

22 Arkana Street, Yarralumla,
Act 2600, Canberra 
Tel : (61-2) 6273 3811 
61-2)6273 3751 
Fax : (61-2) 62734357 

Myoe Daung Monastery

info The main monastery building with an east-west orientation, is approximately 130ft (40m) x 115ft (35m). Most of its significant elements are from the pre-colonial Kone Baung period; some of the rooms were rebuilt.

Maing Thauk

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info After a longish ride move down the lake toward Nyaungshwe, you'll get the great finale of the day: Maing Tauk. This is a town with a split identity: half is on water, half ashore. It likewise water crafts a 500-meter teak connect like Amarapura's U Bein Bridge, just not so long or high.

Bagan Museum

info The new Bagan Museum glorifies the golden age of Burman culture, those 250 years during which thousands of temples were built in and around the Myanmar capital of Bagan. The builders of Bagan apparently reserved brick for religious monuments for nothing remains of the other buildings, that must have been wooden, in this great capital.

Ngapali Beach

Best Beaches in Myanmar video reveals the crystal clear waters of Myanmar to experience, with lots of drone-shot arial views.

Inle Information

Area: 116.3 km²
Population: 150,000
Location: Latitude 20° 46' N, Longitude 97° 01' E
over 900 metres above sea level
Temperature: Min 12°C - Max 28°C


History of Mandalay
Mandalay, as the center of Myanmar culture, was outstanding in the past, it holds the stage now; and it will continue to be a place of pride in the future. It is situated about 600 kilometers north of Yangon on the Ayeyarwaddy river, is, with about half a Million inhabitants Myanmar's second largest city.

Bagan Information

Bagan, formerly spelled as Pagan, dates back almost to the beginning of the Christian Era. It lies on the bend of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Bagan can be marked to have started with King Anawrahta. He ascended the throne of Bagan in 1044. At that time, the kingdom was under the Mahayana religion. After Shin Arahan's arrival to Bagan, it converted to Theravada Buddhism. It was said to be that each and every household was able to donate an enshrined Pagoda, because of their faith in Buddhism believe and also because of their wealth. The great Shwezigon was one of King Anawrahta's donation during his time.

Mandalay Hill

The Mandalay Hill is situated to the north-east corner of the Mandalay Royal Palace. It lies from north to south, its altitude being 236.5m above sea level and its height going up to 167.64m.

Mandalay Information

History of Mandalay
Mandalay, as the center of Myanmar culture, was outstanding in the past, it holds the stage now; and it will continue to
be a place of pride in the future. It is situated about 600 kilometers north of Yangon on the Ayeyarwaddy river, is, with
about half a Million inhabitants Myanmar's second largest city.


Mandalay is the second biggest city in Myanmar and was created in 1857. It lies on the east bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River and in the upper some piece of Myanmar. Mandalay has the Royal Palace of the last Konbaung Dynasty. Mandalay inherits numerous social legacy from the antiquated Myanmar Kingdoms and excellent spots to visit.        

Yangon Information

Formation of Yangon
Yangon, formerly spelled as Rangoon, is the largest city of Myanmar. There are 34 townships forming the city of Yangon. These townships in alphabetical orders are : Ahlone, Bahan, Botahtaung, Dala, Dagon, Dagon (Seikkan), Dawbon, East Dagon, Hlaing, Hlaing Tharyar, Insein, Kyeemyindaing, Kamaryut, Latha, Lanmadaw, Mingalardon, Mingalar Taung Nyunt, Mayangone, North Dagon, North Okkalapa, Pabedan, Pazundaung, Sanchaung, South Dagon, Seik Gyi Khanaung To, Seikkan, South Okkalapa, Shwe Pyi Thar, Thingangyun, Thaketa, Thanlyin, Tarmwe, Yankin.


info Myitkyina is the Capital city of Kachin State. The town is situated in a flat valley that becomes extremely hot in the hot season and very rainy during the monsoon. There is an abundance of fruit in this state.