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Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride over the Bagan archaeological zone is a breath-taking experience, that can last in your memory in your whole life. Baloon ride tickets may cost you around $400 per person. There are 2 companies licensed to operate hot air baloon-rides in Bagan:

Bungee Jumping in Myanmar

Although there are a lot of bungee jumping sites in Myanmar, there is no operator who offer this service yet so far till May 2017. Safety is very important for this sport. Like golf, bungee jumping hobbyists do look for a chance to do bungee jumping, which ever city they arrive to. Some tourists suggested that Gote Htaik Bridge and bridges in the Yangon area could be a very good place for bungyee jumping.

Kite Boarding

Kite Boarding is very interesting and physically active sport. There is a nice spacious beach-place a  few hours away from Yangon, called Ngwe Saung Yacht Club. They offer quality, fun and safe kitesurfing lessons. Ngwe Saung Yacht Club is completely endorsed and safeguarded to educate at our uncrowded, concession affirmed showing shoreline and teach utilizing the IKO preparing plan.

Myanmar Embassies Listing

Embassy Of The Union Of Myanmar

22 Arkana Street, Yarralumla,
Act 2600, Canberra 
Tel : (61-2) 6273 3811 
61-2)6273 3751 
Fax : (61-2) 62734357 

Cooking Class

If you are a foodie, you might want to take a short cooking class while in Myanmar. There are quite professional neat cooking classes in Yangon and Bagan. We will update you with cooking class contacts info here.

10 Reasons why you should visit Myanmar (Burma)

There could be as many as many reasons. But for a typical modern crowd, we have listed a few.   

Pottery Making

Pottery is the baked ceramic material which makes up potteryware. Major sorts incorporate ceramic, stoneware and porcelain. Where such products are made is additionally called a stoneware (plural "ceramics"). Stoneware likewise alludes to the workmanship or art of a potter or the making of pottery.


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Traveller Tips

If this is your first time to visit Myanmar, here are some of the important tips for a traveller.

Best time to Visit
You can visit Myanmar all the year round but the best time to come is between October and February as the weather during this period is neither too hot nor wet.  

Important Telephone Numbers

Police: 199
Tourist Police (Tourist Safety Unit): 01-376166. 642742. 549209

Bullock Riding

Bullock cart riding in Bagan is popular and fun to ride. It's not fast as horse carts. It's a good experience to try. It is like doing time-travel back a few centuries. Recently the fees of bullock cart rental (with driver) is $10 per hour. Roughly a normal can fit 6 people very well. Bullock cart ride to a few temple around the area is recommended.

Myanmar Visa Information

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