Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

Illegal immigration problem in Myanmar has been a serious problem for decades, due to population explosion in the neighboring Bengladesh. Very similar to the United States having Mexican illegal immigrants, at the southern border, Myanmars have similar problems at the western border, in Rakhine State.


Stop Rohingya Terrorists, Jihad, & Genocide in Myanmar.

Most Buddhist, Christians, and Muslims are peaceful people. Among us, no one can deny that there are terrorists who attacked New York on 9-11, and similarly in Rakhine. We want our readers to understand that illegal immigrants are returning home, due to terrorism. Please check news on YouTube, or google about terrorist attacks in Rakhine, Myanmar. You will understand the full story.


It is true that not all Rohingyas are terrorists.
But Myanmar is Fighting Terrorists. Stopping illegal migration.

There are  a lot of Muslim people living in Myanmar peacefully. We all lived together for centuries. There are so many Islamic religious places of worship in Myanmar. But it is the terrorists causing all these problems, and Myanmars want it to stop.


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Video: Thet Village attacked by Rohingya Terrorists

Many of Thet Ethnic minorities are on the run as refugees due to recent terrorist attacks in Rakhine State. Rakhine minorities need help.

History of the Word "Rohingya"

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Interviews with Victims of Rohingya Terrorist Attacks

Interviews with victims of recent Rohingya terrorist attacks in Sittwe by an eye-witness Canadian news reporter in Myanmar.


To visit Office of the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine, here is the web address:

Don't let Jihad Terrorists destroy this peace!

Myanmar is a country with its own sovereignty. Myanmar has to stop illegal immigrants from flowinng in. (United States government has to stop Mexican illegal immigrants. Japanese has to stop illegal Chinese immigrants, and so is Europe.) At the same time some of the so-called Rohingya's are terrorists trying to do Jihad. And this has to stop.

Wai Hun Aung, Writer Philanthrophist

See how Wai Hun Aung, a writer and philanthrophist visited a Thet ethnic village in the Maungdaw area, and interviewed a few people there:

Former US Ambassador in Myanmar: There was indeed a terrorist attack perpetrated by people in the Rohingya diaspora, living in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Former US Ambassador in Myanmar, Ms. Prescilla Clapp, Senior Advisor, U.S. Institute of Peace, said..

Rohingya: the Invented Word & Quick Migration Scheme to America and Europe

Nov 25, 2017
Interview with Rick Heizman. Rick Heizman is a San Francisco-based freelance journalist. This will help you understand the Rakhine Crisis in Myanmar clearly. He can be truly called a Myanmar/Burma expert. He has incredible in-depth knowledge and observation on Burma. No wonder some people would call him a ‘racist’ as he tells the truth of the matter without any bias.

People speak of the horrors that the Bengali Muslims are commiting against Buddhists, Hindus, Mro and Khami ethnic tribes


Women are Emancipated (San Francisco Call newspaper)

The San Francisco Call, 1 September 1912
H.C. Ostrander wrote in this news article, "Happy Burma, where the Women are Emancipated" a long time ago, that traditionally in Myanmar culture, women were NOT discriminated, strangely in this an Asian country. This reflects a good democracy and equality of women among Myanmars since the olden days, in comparison with women in other religions. (Click to zoom into the image or visit the original news web site link at bottom.)

Ethnic Minorities in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Ethnic Minorities in Rakhine State, Myanmar are described here:

Ethnic cleansing and the massacre of Hindu's by Rohingyas

Debate With Arnab Goswami: Rohingya Terror exposed.  "45 dead bodies and 2 mass graves, captured in photographs, that tell the story of ethnic cleansing and the massacre of Hindu's by Rohingyas in Myanmar."  -- Republic World TV, India

A Talk in Toronto on Rohingya Crisis was gatecrashed by an Eye-Witness

A talk on Rohingya crisis in Toronto was gatecrashed by a Canadian eye-witness news reporter to reveal the truth.

India's Times NOW: Rohingya Terror Threat

Rohingya Terror Threat: Hindu Grave Found In Yebawkya Village, Maungdaw, Myanmar