(formerly Pagan)

Age: founded in 1044 AD
Area: 118.4 km²
Population: 6.166 million
Location: Latitude 21° 10' N. Longitude 94° 51' E
Temperature: Min 10°C - Max 43°C


Myanmar Bagan



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info Inland the country rises in gently undulating slopes. The most noticeable feature is Popa Hill, or the Mt. Popa, an extinct volcano, to the south-east. The highest peak is 1518 metres (4,981 feet) above sea-level. The volcano is known to be extinct since 250,000 years.


info Salay is about 120km from Bagan to the south. Kyauk Padaung and Chauk are the towns on the way to Salay from Bagan. It is a day-trip from Bagan. Salay is a popular place in Myanmar because it is the historic home of the famous Salay U Ponya, a Bagan Era writer/poet whose work are well-known all over the country.

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