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info Loikaw has a population of about 11,000 and it is the capital of Kayah State in Myanmar. It is located near the State’s northern tip, at an elevation of 1200 meters. The inhabitants are mostly Kayah also known as Karenni. Myanmar’s largest hydropower plant is located 20 km east of Loikaw at Lawpita Falls and named as Lawpita Hydropower Plant.


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info Ho Pone is believed to be an ancient town and the residents are mainly Shan and Pa-O. It is located 12 miles (19km) away from Taunggyi on the way to Hten San Cave. The most famous religious site is the Shwechanthar Pagoda and Ho Pone pond is also a beautiful spot.

Taung Kwe Pagoda

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info The cluster lies in the south of Loikaw, Kayah State, atop Thirri Mingala Hill, that has nine peaks on nine broken hills. It was called Mingala Hill, Phawmye in Kayah, Taunggwe in Myanmar, and Loi Pha Phat in Shan.

Hpa An

info Hpa An is the capital of Kayin State. The city is connected to other towns like Kawkareik, Hpapun and Myawaddy by roads and waterway transportation. The singularly distinctive limestone pinnacle forming the Zwegabin Mountain provides a dramatic backdrop for Hpa An.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

info St. Mary’s Cathedral is situated on Bo Aung Kyaw Street in Botahtaung Township, Yangon. It was designed by Dutch architect. Construction began in 1895 and was completed in 1899. The interior of the Cathedral is richly decorated with some outstanding examples of featured exquisite stained glass windows.

Kaw Goon Cave

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info Kaw Goon cave is located near Kaw Goon village, which is two miles distance from Hpa An Township, Kayin State. It is a natural lime stone cave and measures 200ft height and 300ft length.

Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market)

info Bogyoke Aung San Market is situated in the heart of Yangon, on Bogyoke Aung San Road. The market was first built and inaugurated on the present premises in 1926. It was named Scott Market after Mr. C. Scott, the then Municipal Commissioner. Nowadays, it is called Bogyoke Aung San Market in honor of our national leader General Aung San.

Thatbyinnyu Pagoda

info Thatbyinnyu Pagoda is remarked to be constructed during the mid 12th century and built by King Alaung Sithu. It rises up to 61 metres.Its monumental size and verticality make it a classic example of Bagan's Middle period. Indentations for 539 jataka plaques encircle the terraces.

Immanuel Baptist Church

info Immanuel Baptist Church is located in the center of Yagon just next to the Mahabandoola Garden near city hall. Founded in 1885 but destroyed during the World War II; the present Church was rebuilt in 1952.


info Inland the country rises in gently undulating slopes. The most noticeable feature is Popa Hill, or the Mt. Popa, an extinct volcano, to the south-east. The highest peak is 1518 metres (4,981 feet) above sea-level. The volcano is known to be extinct since 250,000 years.

Sule Pagoda

info The Sule Pagoda is an excellent landmark. It is said to be over 2,000 years old and contains a hair given by the Buddha to two Burmese merchants. Located on a roundabout in downtown Yangon.

Mahawizaya Pagoda

info The Maha Wizaya Pagoda was built on the Dhammarakkhita (Guardian of the Law) Hill which faces the famous Shwedagon Pagoda, in 1980 to commemorate the first successful convening of all sects of the Buddhist monastic order, under one supervisory body.

Koe Htat Gyi Pagoda

info Koe Htat Gyi Pagoda (also spelled as Koe Htat Gyee Pagoda) meaning the Nine Storey Buddha Image, is situated on the Bargayar Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon. A huge Buddha Image is in a sitting position. Koe Htat Gyi is also known as Atula Dipatti Maha Muni Thetkya.

Hlawga Park

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info  Hlawga National Park is a national park located in Mingaladon, Yangon Division, Myanmar, 22 miles north of Yangon. The 1540-acre park includes an 818-acre wildlife park, a 62-acre mini-zoo and a 660-acre buffer zone.


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info Heho is most famously known as a beginning stage for those making a beeline for Inle Lake.


info Putao is a town far north of the Kachin State. Putao is close to the Hkakaborazi Mountain, the highest mountain in Myanmar. Hkakaborazi means snowcapped year round. It is 5889 meters high.

King Bayintnaung bell

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 info  Bayintnaung Bell Inscription located on the square of the Shwesigone Pagoda in Bagan will be submitted to the UNESCO at the end of May to enlist as a world heritage site, said Daw Shwe Shwe, deputy director of the Department of the Relation and Information under the control of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs.

Reh Lake

info Chin State is a mountainous region and lies in the Northwest of the Union of Myanmar. Towns and villages in Chin State are situated on the mountain ranges (or) among the valley and plains.

Sri Ksetra

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info Sri Ksetra or Thaye Khittaya (သရေခေတ္တရာ "Field of Fortune" or "Field of Glory"), found 8 km southeast of Prome (Pyay) at present-day Hmawza village, was the last and southernmost Pyu capital.The city was established between the fifth and seventh centuries,62–63,77 and likely surpassed Halin as the chief Pyu city by the seventh or eighth century, and held that status until the Mranma landed in the ninth century.

Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda

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info Kyauk Ka Latt is generally they image people get in mind when they think of Hpa-An, though it is a good 20 minute drive from the town.


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info Beikthano (Burmese: ဗိဿနိုး arranged in the flooded Minbu district (close present-day Taungdwingyi) with direct land access to the all around watered Kyaukse fields to its upper east, is the most established urban site so far found and deductively uncovered site. 

Video: Thet Village attacked by Rohingya Terrorists

Many of Thet Ethnic minorities are on the run as refugees due to recent terrorist attacks in Rakhine State. Rakhine minorities need help.


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info Tagaung Kingdom (Burmese: တကောင်း နေပြည်တော်, articulated was a Pyu city-express that existed in the primary thousand years CE. In 1832, the up to this point semi-unbelievable state was formally announced the primary kingdom of Burmese government by Hmannan Yazawin, the Royal Chronicle of the Konbaung Dynasty.

Interviews with Victims of Rohingya Terrorist Attacks

Interviews with victims of recent Rohingya terrorist attacks in Sittwe by an eye-witness Canadian news reporter in Myanmar.


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info Halin or Halingyi (ဟန်လင်းကြီး), situated in the Mu valley, one of the biggest inundated areas of precolonial Burma, is the northernmost Pyu city so far found. The soonest antiquities of Halin—city's wooden doors—are radiocarbon dated to 70 CE. The city was rectangular however with bended corners, and block walled. Exhumed dividers are roughly 3.2 km long on the north-south hub and 1.6 km on the east-west. At 664 hectares, the city was almost double the span of Beikthano.

Don't let Jihad Terrorists destroy this peace!

Myanmar is a country with its own sovereignty. Myanmar has to stop illegal immigrants from flowinng in. (United States government has to stop Mexican illegal immigrants. Japanese has to stop illegal Chinese immigrants, and so is Europe.) At the same time some of the so-called Rohingya's are terrorists trying to do Jihad. And this has to stop.


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info Muse is located 247 miles (398km) far from Mandalay, a small town on the bank of the Shwe-li River. Muse is the main border gateway of Myanmar and China.

Former US Ambassador in Myanmar: There was indeed a terrorist attack perpetrated by people in the Rohingya diaspora, living in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Former US Ambassador in Myanmar, Ms. Prescilla Clapp, Senior Advisor, U.S. Institute of Peace, said..


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info Thipaw also known as Hsipaw, is a well know town in Shan State, Myanmar. It is 200km or about 124 miles northeast of Mandalay, lying at 1370ft (418m) above sea level. There are several interesting sites around the Dokhtawaddi River, very peaceful and quiet.

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