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Maha Gita

The complete body of Burmese classical songs is usually referred to as, the "Maha Gita," meaning great or royal song.

Myanmar Bamboo Xylophone (or) Pattalar

The Bamboo Xylophone (or) the Pattalar that is known in Myanmar language as an ancient musical instrument with the sound box underneath, with the seven graduated keys, it can produce melodious and unique sounds to the ears.

Myanmar Orchestra

The musical ensemble called "Saing Waing" in Myanmar is the sense of an Orchestra from the western countries. The entire fencing is made of teak or lacquer ware and is gilded. This is considered as more professional, formal and mostly played indoors.  

Mya Man Giri Yodayar (Thailand tune)

This type of music is called 'Yodayar song' adopted into Myanmar culture a few hundreds of years ago, when Myanmar invaded Thailand. The name of this song is called Mya Man Giri yodayar (မမန်းဂီရိ ယိုးဒယား).

Nose Flute

This chin lady from myanmar playing flute with nose.

Myanmar Harp

The harp is one of the earliest musical instruments of the world.

Myanma A-Nyeint (or) Zat-Pwe

zat; story: pwe; show: zat-pwe; Myanmar musical play: mintha; male lead: minthami; female lead: ngo-gyin; wailing song: nha-par-thwar, duet dance and song: lun-khan, tragic scene.

Myanmar Music

As all South-East Asian music which is inspired on the basic concept of the Indian music,the Burmese music has a combination of several different musical instruments.

Myanmar Hne (or) Oboe

Oboe is one of our traditional wind instruments in Myanmar. It has been used in Myanmar since ancient time and is created by using a metal horn, a wooden flute and a palm reed.