Letter to U.S. President James Buchanan, 1857

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king mindon letter

This is a copy of Myanmar King Mindon's letter to American President James Buchanan, dated February, 1857.

We, who execute state affairs according to the will of our Lord, His Majestry the reat Glorious King of the Rising Sun-Bawashin Mintayagyi, the Emperor of Thunaparana, Tanpadipa Countries of the East, and the King of Sadan Elephants and White Elephants, hereby inform the Lords of the land of America in Washington that, as the Great Glorious King Bawashin Mintayagyi succeeded the throne of the whole country, the inheritance of old Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers,He follows the same steps as His Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers in the exercise of the laws usually followed by Noble Kings, and that He continues to be an allied country with those countries that had been the Royal allied countries during the time of his Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers. The King permits American Master Kincaid to come and go, when he wishes, without any handrance, into the inner part of the Palace for an audience with the King and to put metters before him. If this country and the American country become allied nations, it is believed that the traders and the poor, the subjects of these two countries-up to the Grandsons and Great Grandsons of the succeeding generations-would be much benefited. 

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