Myanmar Food & Recipes

Naturally, Myanmar food is highly influenced with the neighboring cultures, although there are some unique to Myanmar. Roughly speaking, most Myanmar dishes are somewhere between Thai salads, Indian curries, and Chinese soups.

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Ahnyar Mohinga

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Hinthada Mohinga

Hinthada Mohinga

Mohinga (မုန့်ဟင်းခါး)

Myanmar famous mohinga is 1 of the most common typical Myanmar noodle dish in fish soup. Pundits say that the world is at the dawn of a New Golden Age of travel. Growing affluence and leisure of the middle class not only in Europe but also in Asia, combined to spur the travel itch, thus opening further new frontiers for travel.

Mawlamyine Mohinga

Mon-style Mawlamyine mohinga is  a litle different from the Bamar typical mohinga. It's the southern style, typically with different ingredients.

Rakhine nationals on the Bay of Bengal coast have a special way of making mohinga,the national dish.It is cooked different,served different,tastes different and is consumed different.