Myanmar Festival 2017-2018

We've got over 200 festivals each year, documented in Myanmar festival calendar. Dates and places of each festival are described, when you click each link. Come. Visit and enjoy together! We have 135 ethnic groups and 135 different cultures to experience when you travel to Myanmar, the Golden Land.

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Kachin Manaw Festival

Kachin is one of the states which has a delightful festival known as Manaw. Kachin, the hill people or the Scots of Myanmar, celebrate Manaw festival.

Pakokku Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival

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Pakokku is an old customary town on the western bank of the Ayeyawady River.

Independence Day

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In the 19th century, following three Anglo-Burmese Wars, Burma was colonized by Britain.

Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival

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The Shwemawdaw Pagoda or 'Incredible Golden God Pagoda' was worked around 1000 years back and situated in Bago, Myanmar.

Shwe San Daw Pagoda Festival

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Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of Myanmar’s biggest Buddhist pilgrimage sites and the festival of this pagoda is one of the most visited festivals for pilgrims all over the country.

Panguni Utram (Full Moon Day of Panguni Month of Tamil People)

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Celebration, principle celebration falls on Full Moon Day Panguni Utram is the primary religious celebrations of Hindu individuals in Myanmar, held in the compound of Sri Angala Eswari Munieswar Swamy Temple, Pelikha Village Kyauk Tan Township which was worked in 1862.

Pho Win Taung Pagoda Festival

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This festival is held at the Pagoda of Po Win Taung Cave in Monywa in the month of December.

Alaungdaw Khathapa Pagoda Festival

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  The Alaungdaw Khathapa shrine is located in a National Park in Yinmarbin Township, Sagaing Region. It is crowded with the local people from surrounding area and far distances. The festival is held by lighting to the Pagoda and National Cave. People go there not only for just pilgrimage but also for observing the nature as it is one of the renowned ecotourism sites of Myanmar.

Thadingyut Lighting Festival

Thadingyut is a seven-month of Myanmar calendar and the end of lent. Three days of lights festival, namely the day before full moon, the full moon day and the days after. Illuminations are there

Inn Daw Gyi Shwe Myitzu Pagoda Festival

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ShweMyintzu Pagoda is arranged on the biggest lake in Myanmar, this 8 - day celebration feature a journey to the bank of the pagoda.

Thingyan Water Festival

It is believed that water festival washes away sins and welcomes the New Year. The water festival represents the most popular, raucous and colorful celebration of the year for more than 120 million people who will abandon any thoughts of work and bring their nations to a standstill.

Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival

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info The Maw Tin Soon Festival is one of most popular celebration in Myanmar, amid the Myanmar calender month of Tabaung (february) consistently.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

On this occasion people enjoy fun and merriment by holding firework-launching competitions. The firework is in the form of rockets. There is also hot balloons competitions on the day and night occasions. Day balloons are usually in the form of Pagodas,

Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival

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  The Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival is annual harvest and alms celebration in Myanmar. 

Waso Full Moon Festival

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The Myanmar month of Waso is the start of the rainstorm downpours.

Myanmar Regatta Festival

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The royal Naval Expedition of A.D. 1841 via the brimful Ayeyawaddy River and also by land as recorded in the Great Royal Chronicle of the Konbaung Dynasty Vol. III was a grand flotilla and parade combined with 15,000 men, 320 war elephants, some 500 steeds and over 1,000 boats, barges, and water crafts of all sizes and kinds.

Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda Festival

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Kyauktawgyi implies the Great Marble Buddha Image in Myanmar which is one of the must-go places once your vacation is spent in Mandalay.

Bawgyo Pagoda Festival

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It is a famous historic pagoda festival in Shan State of Myanmar. Not only the people from Shan State but also the ones from the middle part of Myanmar take part in that festival.

Shwe Kyin Light Festival

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Shwe Kyin light celebration is held each year on the day after the full moon day of Thadingyut.

Zalun Pyi-Taw- Pyan Buddha Image Festival

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    The colonialists who had occupied lower Myanmar took this Buddha Image to England with the intention of using the bronze in their mint.

Kaunghmudaw Pagoda Festival

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Kaunghmudaw pagoda is one of the famous pagodas in central Myanmar.

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival

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   Kyaik Khauk pagoda is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailyin bearing the design of the famous Shwedagon in Yangon metropolis.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival

One of the famous principal shrines in Myanmar, this pagoda houses five small Buddha images.

Kayin New Year

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Kayin New Year is a public holiday in Myanmar

Manuha Pagoda Festival

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On the main day of celebration, lovely town young ladies wearing their best parade with plate of products of the soil to offer at the pagoda.

Mount Popa Spirit Festival

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According to, this particular event in Myanmar this year follows the full moon of December (Natdaw in Burmese term).

Yadana Gu Spirit Festival

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This celebration respects the mother of the two effective soul siblings in Bagan period. She is the Goddess of Popa and her fundamental hallowed place is on Popa Crest, close Bagan. She is an effective soul and defender of ladies.

Popa Guardian Spirits Festival

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This Spirits festival begins full moon day of Nadaw. During six days festival, the two spirit figures on either side of the Tharaba Gate at Bagan are the brother and sister spirits lord of the Mountain and the Lady Golden Face who protect home or country.

Warso Chin-Lone (Cane Ball) Festival

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Waso Chinlone Festival of Mahamuni Buddha Image in the year 2009 stretched for 48 days.

Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival

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One of the famous pagoda festivals in Yangon Region. The activities of Pagoda festival are reciting the holy scriptures 24 hours continuously throughout the festival by monks, offering provisions and articles to monks, celebrating festivities and performing with evening entertainments such as Zat (Drama), Stage Show and Movies.