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myanmar fans

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In Myanmar, the fan is used frequently. Myanmar Traditional Fan is one of Myanmar’s traditional articles of use. We use it to cool ourselves in the hot weather and you can be rest-assured that the weather really gets hot in the summer, in Myanmar.

Whenever there’s a religious ceremony, funerals, social occasion, traditional Myanmar novitiation ceremony, or any other charitable ceremony, even a wedding ceremony, the fan is given as a gift to the attendees of the ceremonies to express that their presence is very much appreciated by the holders of the ceremony.

Here are some of the fans that are made in Myanmar.


Paper fans
The fan making business is a family traditional business. To make a traditional fan, first one must hammer small nails to a hand or fingers shape wooden-handle. The fingers of hand-shaped framework is covered with a paper, stick with glue on both sides. After doing that, the glue must be left to dry in the sun. After drying you have to cut out the uneven papers on the frame work, and then put on a silver lining on the outer edges of the fan. Then the labels of the donors are glued on one side of the fan.

Sandal wood fans
Sandal wood is red and yellow in colour. It gives fragrant smell and give hot and bitter taste. At traditional occasions, the liquid of the sandal wood is to thrown to give nice smell. From those tree trunks, fans are made. The fans are also carved out in different designs for ladies. This kind of fan is usually adored by ladies, since it can give coolness and sweet smell. Myanmar female dancers also use these fans, when they dance and entertain their audiences.

Toddy Palm fans
Toddy palm or cloth is used to make fans for the monks. The color is usually dark maroon to match the color of the robe of the monks. It helps to shade the bare-shaved head of the monk who goes barefooted when he goes round village or town under the hot morning sun to accept offerings of food. It also protects him if there is a drizzle. The name of the donors are usually printed on one side of the fan.

Plastic fans
Nowadays, Myanmar people are starting to make plastic fans for occasions instead of the traditional paper fans. Plastic is becoming more popular in carry and for long-lasting. Attractive different colors are also available.



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