Myanmar Arts


Myanmar is a country full of ancient traditions and culture. From time to time, the Myanmars have adapted different cultures and arts. To describe about the Arts of Myanmar, there are 10 Myanmar traditional arts which are metaphorically called "Ten Flowers".


Theses arts have been passed on from one century to another until today. The 10 arts are as follows:

  • Panbe (the art of blacksmith)
  • Panbu (the art of sculpture)
  • Pantain (the art of gold and silver smith)
  • Pantin(the art of bronze casting)
  • Pantaut (the art of making floral designs using masonry)
  • Panyan (the art of bricklaying and masonry)
  • Pantamault (the art of sculpting with stone)
  • Panpoot (the art of turning designs on the lathe)
  • Panchi (the art of painting)
  • Panyun (the art of making lacquer ware)


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Zinmei Longyi Designs (for Women)

Zinmei longyi (ဇင်းမယ် လုံချည်) originated in Zinmei (Chiangmai, Thailand). Sharp edgy shapes are their unique designs in women wear.

Myanmar Silk Longyi Designs (for Women)

One textile design the Myanmar have lived for two hundred years is the lun yakyaw acheik (over-hundred-shuttle acheik) design. It is suitable for men and women. Both the weft and the warp are pure silk threads and from over a hundred to two hundred shuttles are used according to the design to be worked on. The weaving takes days and the fabric is thus expensive. Only the well-to-do can afford it. But in the villages cotton is used and the design modified to produce cheaper versions.

Myanmar Silk Longyi Designs (for Men)

Silk longyi usually have different design patterns, different from cotton sarongs.

Traditional Longyi Designs (for Women)



Yaw Longyi Designs (for Men)

Yaw longyi designs are orinigated from Yaw District, central Myanmar. Their designs are basically small white color patterns on various dark backgrounds.

Dawei Longyi Designs (for Men)

(to be updated soon)

Rakhine Longyi Designs (for Men)

Rakhine longyi have distinct designs, originated in the Rakhine State.

Kachin Longyi Designs (for Men)

Kachin longyi (ကချင် လုံချည်) designs have distict colors, with black background almost always. 

Myanmar Longyi Design (for Men)