The World's Largest Bell Underwater

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info The Great Bell of Dhammazedi is known to be the largest or the heaviest bell in the whole world, although it still is under water. Casted by King Dhammazedi of Myanmar in Yangon, and was donated to Shwedagon Pagoda.

The great bell was a victim of Portugal colonialism was removed and taken to Thanlyin (Syrium) across Dawpone River where the great bell and the boat sank together ever since.

 In 1484, preceding the throwing of the ringer, King Dhammazedi's crystal gazer prompted him to defer the date, since it was at the prophetically foreboding time of the Crocodile star grouping, and the subsequent chime would not deliver any stable. After the chime was finished, it apparently gave an obnoxious sound.

As indicated by writings of the time, the ringer was thrown of 180,000 viss (294 t) of metal which included silver and gold, and additionally copper and tin. The chime was said to be twelve cubits high and eight cubits wide.

In 1583, Gasparo Balbi, a Venetian pearl vendor, went by antiquated Dagon and the Shwedagon Pagoda. He wrote in his journal about the King Dhammazedi Bell. His depiction of the Great Bell said that it had composing engraved start to finish around its circuit that he couldn't decode around then:

"I found in a faire lobby a substantial ringer which we quantified, and observed to be seven paces and three hand breadths and it is loaded with letters from the top to the base yet there was no Nation that could comprehend them.








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