10 Reasons why you should visit Myanmar (Burma)

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There could be as many as many reasons. But for a typical modern crowd, we have listed a few.   

1. To witness the 2500 year-old Shwe Dagon Pagoda, the largest and oldest golden monument on earth

Many Kings and Queens throughout Myanmar's history has donated pure gold of their body weight, depositing tons and tons of gold in this great golden pyramid in Yangon. Just this year, 1 more ton of gold was added by hundreds of thousands of donors, when a major renovation took place. 

2. To see the most significant throne in the world, covered with gold

Gold is plenty in our Golden Land, though not cheap in price. Compare this golden throne of the last Myanmar King, with those thrones of the Chinese, Japanese emperors, Maha Rajas, or that of Charlemagne, Louis 16, Napoleon, Cleopatra, or William the Conqueror. You'll find this is the most significant and most sophisticated. Besides each section of carvings on the throne will tell you so many tales.

3. To see the largest book that man could ever created

The whole Buddhist bible was engraved on 729 white marble stones, set up in a square, each being protected by a small white temples. The 730th pagoda is a conventional temple occupying the centre of the square. Each marble tablets are about 3 feet wide and 4 feet high. Known as Kuthodaw Pagoda, it lies at the foot of Mandalay Hill, Mandalay.

4. To ring the largest ringing bell in the universe

The world's largest ringing bell, Mingun Bell, is still hung in Sagaing and still make sound when rang. It is 26 feet high and weighs 90.55 metric tons. You can ring it. You can get underneath it and take photo. Ah! Isn't that exciting? Imagine that you can say "I've rung the world's greatest ringing bell!"

5. To experience a visit to this 2400 year-old miracle Golden Rock, called Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Windy cyclones had blown. Earthquakes had disturbed. But this balancing pagoda on top of this golden rock at the very edge of the cliff, survived for thousands of years. Legends tell that this Golden Rock used to be flying in the air centuries ago at the same spot.

6. To walk around on the amazing floating-islands and to row a boat in the highest and largest lake in SE Asia

Could it be possible that an island can float above water? It really can... People even grow vegetables on them. Cut them. Sell them and drag them along with a boat.

7. To see the living mummies

Are you into para-normality? X-File fan? There are approximately 20 prestigious Buddhist monks around the country, who had died decades or some centuries ago and their bodies never decayed. Some of their bodies could not be burnt, when cremated. Buddhists believe it is because of their super-natural powers. Some are covered with gold today (photo). Their nails turned blue, and flesh dried. But a few are still growing their nails and hairs till today! How can science describe about that? Would you call them living mummies?

8. To go scuba diving among the corals of the southern Myanmar sea

Scuba-diving fans has witnessed that the southern Myanmar sea near Victoria Point is the most beautiful and virgin spot for scuba-diving in Southeast Asia. Some even exaggerate as the Red Sea of the East.

9. To meet a fortune-teller and see your future

Myanmar fortune-tellers, with knowledge of the ancient arts of India, China, and Thailand, in addition to its own expertise, are often highly honored. Note that David Copperfield was an Indian descendant. Fortune-tellers refers to telepathic psychics, traditional astronomers, palmists, or the combination of the three. Trust me, you will need to book for months ahead to get an appointment with a good reliable fortune teller.

10. To see the largest man-made stone cave, Narga Cave (Dragon Cave) at Word Peace Pagoda

The Narga man-made stone cave was built for the 5th International Buddhist Council in the 1950s. Located next to Kabar Aye Pagoda (World Peace Pagoda), and is about 200 meters long and 100 meters high.

More Reasons

To buy some exotic souvenirs to hang on the wall of your living room

You want to buy puppets, lacquer ware, or some artifacts? Don't buy them in Thailand. They mostly come from Myanmar. This is where you can buy at the wholesale price!

To make merits by visiting pagodas, and do meditation, if you are a Buddhist

Buddhists have strong faith in visiting pagodas for gaining merits, aside from travel experiences. Would you like to visit this Land of the Pagodas?

To buy genuine jewelries at a very low low price, direct from manufacturers

Many Asians highly consider jade as lucky gem stone. You'll be amazed to find that precious stones in the West are not so precious in Myanmar, due to high production and large number of gem stone dealers.

Largest Reclining Buddha in the World

The Shwethalyaung, a colossal reclining statue of Buddha (181 feet [55 m] long), is to the west of the modern town and is reputedly one of the most lifelike of all the reclining Buddha figures; allegedly built in AD-994, it was lost when Bago (Pegu) was destroyed in 1757 but was rediscovered under a cover of jungle growth in 1881.

To try out some spicy Myanmar food

Or to visit an ah-hlue, if you wish, where anyone can come in and dine all you can eat for FREE!

If you like Thai food, you'll love Myanmar food, but it is a generally lighter than Thai food.

To climb the highest peak in SE Asia, Khakaborazi Peak

The snow-cap Khakaborazi Peak reaching 19296 feet above sea-level is the highest in southeast Asia. It also is a sister-mountain of the neighboring Mount Everest. A few Japanese and Myanmar hikers could manage to climb this peak last year.




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