Manuha Pagoda


info Manuha was named after the Mon king from Thaton who was held captive in Bagan by Anawrahta. Legend says that Manuha was allowed to build this temple in 1059, and that he constructed it to represent his displeasure at captivity.

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Inside the monument, three seated Buddhas face the front of the building, and in the back there's a huge reclining parinibbana Buddha. All seem too large for their enclosures, and their cramped, uncomfortable positions are said to represent the stress and lack of comfort the 'captive king' had to endure.


A tight posturing of the Budhha image inside the Manuha Pagoda




Describing the tight situation that King Manuha was facing whilke he was kept captive in Bagan from Thatone.

The legend also say that the King Manuha asked for the request for this construction. And after being granted, he sold his ring to donate this pagoda.



Manuha Pagoda




The statue of King Manuha and Queen Ningalar Devi

It is said that only the reclining Buddha, in the act of entering nibbana, has a smile on its face, showing that for Manuha only death was a release from his suffering. You can climb to the top of this paya via the stairs at the entrance to the reclining Buddha chamber, at the back of the temple.

An outdoor corner of the temple compound is dedicated to Mt Popa's presiding nats, Mae Wanna and her sons Min Gyi and Min Lay.

Devotees of Manuha Paya celebrate a large paya pwe (or pagoda festival) on the full moon of Tabaung (February/March).


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