Ayeyarwaddy Region


info Ayeyarwaddy Region covers the deltaic coast of the Ayeyarwaddy River. on the northwest and west of this division are the Bay of Bengal and Rakhine State, on the north and east is Bago Division, on the east is the Yangon Division, and on the south is the Andaman Sea. 

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Area & population

The division with an area of 13,567 square miles has a population of about 4,991,057, made up of Sagaw Karens, Po Karens, Chins, Myanmars, Rakhines and Shans. It is organized in 26 Townships, 2,129 Wards and Village Tracts, with Pathein as its capital.


The division is the top paddy producer in the country as such is commonly known as the granary of Myanmar. Click here for a larger viewAgriculture is the main occupation of the people. The fertile alluvial soil of the delta region enables cultivation of paddy, groundnut, sesame, coconut, banana, jute, tobacco, chilli, onions, pulses and tapioca. The division is criss-crossed with rivers and lakes, is a major producer of fish-paste, dried fish and dried prawns. The Inyegyi Fishery is famous for its scenic beauty. In addition to fresh water fishery, the division is also engaged extensively in sea-fishing and salt-making industries.


The capital city of Ayeyarwaddy Region is Pathein, which is famous for the Pathein umbrella and Pathein Halawar (greasy rice cakes). Now the new road linking Pathein to Sagaing division (Monywa, Kale, etc.) has being developed. The road passes the plain of Magwe division between the Ayeyarwady river and the western hills of Rakhine and Chin states.

Relaxation Spots

Relaxing spots like Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Thar beach lies in this division. These beaches are along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is about only 4 hrs drive from Yangon, and easily accessible by car. Those beached are beautifully located between the sea and the lower hills of Rakhine range.

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Map of Ayeyarwaddy Region


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