Myanmar Textile

One textile design the Myanmar have loved for two hundred years is the lun yakyaw acheik (over-hundred-shuttle acheik) design. It is suitable for men and women. Both the weft and the warp are pure silk threads and from over a hundred to two hundred shuttles are used according to the design to be worked on. The weaving takes days and the fabric is thus expensive. Only the well-to-do can afford it. But in the villages cotton is used and the design modified to produce cheaper versions.


In the days of Myanmar kings only the royalty and certain high officials were allowed to wear acheik fabrics.

There are other beautiful textile designs in Myanmar, especially the designs used by our indigenous tribes on what is called gyapkhout hand-loom.

Apart from woven fabrics there were dyeing and printing in the past.

In mid-Konbhaung murals men wear chequered or striped sarongs while women wear acheik designs.

The royal costumes also include fabrics done in applique and dyed cloths. These usually carry very beautiful designs such as flower blossoms, peacocks, hintha, parakeets, other birds, kanout arabesques. The royalty also put on silk, satin, velvet and imported materials.

The Myanmar have separate dress designs for the men and the women, for the elderly and the young, not to mention those for the fair and the dark, the tall and the short, the fat and the skinny, and so on.



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