Myanmar Clothing


Around AD 1000, women clothes of the Pyu era, were made from silk and cotton.During the Bagan period, embroidered shawl is worn over the shoulders as a popularity. They also had bands around their arms.During the Yadanar Bon period, a Htai Ma Thein Jacket is worn with Anoh. Emerald shawl is wrapped over the shoulder (Dae wi wrap) or queen's style of wearing shawl.

 Hantharwaddy Period



Women in clay relief excavated at Bago

Inwa Period


Women in the murals at Hpo U Hill, Inwa


Murals of in Triloka Guru Cave, in Sagaing

    Early Konbaung Period


Murals in Ananda Brick Monastery, Bagan


Murals in Ananda Brick Monastery, Bagan



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