Myanmar Hair Styles

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Myanmar Hair Styles

According to ancient records Myanmar women have had their own style of dresses since AD 100. Some of the dress-styles and the hairstyles of the earlier period are still in fashion, but some have become museum pieces with the change of time. So, now we will be
highlighting the beauty of Myanmar women. Some 2000 years ago, and at the same time Myanmar damsels of today dress and their hair style.

Bagan Period [AD 800-1300]

This hair knot is one of the 55 types of hairdos, which was popular during AD 800 to 1300."A Decorative band is worn on the forehead, and a tight bracelet is worn around the arm. An embroidered shawl is worn over the shoulders.


Women's hair-styles in mural at Bagan

Rakhine Era

Different hair styles anda dressings of the Rakhine people.


Women's hair-styles from sandstone relief at Kokkanthein Pagoda
(500 years ago)



Women's hair-styles from sandstone relief at Kokkanthein Pagoda
(500 years ago)


Women's hair-styles from sandstone relief at Kokkanthein Pagoda
(500 years ago)



Early Yadanabon period

The maidens who loved in royal palace usually wear their hair knot decorated with golden caps.They usually wear long length sequent Longyis with Hta-ma-thein jacket.

Yadanarbon Period




Hair-styles of Yadanarpon period from a Purapaik









Yadanabon Period (Around 1855)

Post Yadanabon Period; in the year 1855 Myanmar women usually wear a hair knot decorated with a string of pearls or jasmine flowers wrapped around it. The bodice and the Longyi (or) the skirt is of similar







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