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Shans reside in the Eastern plateau. The Shan State of Myanmar occupy principally the plateau east of the Ayeyawady and Sittaung valleys, south of the Bhamo district and north of Kayah State.Shan are settling in valleys and river basins. Most of the Danu, Taungyoe, Intha (Ansa), and Bamar are living in the western part of the Shan State. A lot of Palaung. Click here to view a showcase by Shan State government.

(Taahn) are usually found in the northern partof the State, especially at Namsam Town, and can also be found in Pindaya, Yatsauk and Maingkaing Townships. Paos are settling in the sourthern part of Shan State, whereas Kachin and Lisu (Lishaw) in the north,Kokant Tayok in the Kokant region, Wa (Lweila) in Hopan Township which is situated in the east of Thanlwin river. E-Kaw (Akha), Lahu reside in Kyaingtong region.

Most of the population are Buddhists, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism religions are present. Myanmar language is spoken widely and local nationalities dialect are also spoken.



There are 33 ethnic Shan groups:
103. Shan (Tai)
104. Yun (Lao)
105. Kwi
106. Pyin
107. Yao (Hmong; Mien)
108. Danaw (Danau)
109. Pale
110. Eng (En)
111. Son
112. Khamu (Khmu)
113. Kaw (Akha-E-Kaw)
114. Kokant (Kokang)
115. Khamti Shan
116. Hkun (Khün)
117. Taungyo
118. Danu
119. Palaung
120. Man Zi
121. Yin Kya
122. Yin Net
123. Shan Gale
124. Shan Gyi
125. Lahu
126. Intha
127. Eik-swair
128. Pa-O (Taungthu; Black Karen)
129. Tai-Loi
130. Tai-Lem
131. Tai-Lon
132. Tai-Lay
133. Maingtha (Achang)
134. Maw Shan
135. Wa (Va)





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