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Kandawgyi Lake of Mandalay & Pyi Gyi Mon Royal Barge

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info It was formerly known as the Tet Thay In. It is situated in west Than Lyet Maw, Chan Mya Thazi Township. It covers 322.43 hectares. It is 3657.6m long from north to south and 975.36m from east to west.

Shwesayan Pagoda

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info Shwesayan Pagoda is located on the Mandalay- Lashio Highway road. It was built by Queen Saw Mon Hla of Bagan. This pagoda is built in mountainous area, but it has a historical value depicting King Anawrahta of Bagan.

Tanintharyi Region

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info Tanintharyi Region lies at the southern end of Myanmar. The Region has common borders with Thailand on the east and south-east, Mon State on the north, and Andaman Sea on the west. The area of the Region is 16,735 square miles. Out of about 1,000 islands along Myanmar's coastline over 800 are in Tanintharyi coast.

Mogok Township

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Shwe Dagon Pagoda

info In the capital city of Yangon, you will find the magnificent fabulous Shwedagon Pagoda. The Shwedagon Pagoda sits upon holy Singuttara Hill, visible from miles away. Shwedagon is the most sacred pagoda as it enshrines the relics of the three earlier buddhas and the eight hairs of Gautama Buddha. It rises 99.4 metres (326 feet), with the perimeter measuring 432.8 metres (1,420 feet) and glittering in gold. The very top is tipped with a 76-carat diamond. Legend has it that the Shwedagon Pagoda is 2500 years old.  

Nga Yant Min Cave & Yankin Hill

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info The Yankin Hill is located in the east of Mandalay. Yankin Hill meaning “away from danger”, shows harmony and tranquility of Mandalay. Nga Yant Min Cave is situated at Yankin Hill, about 5 miles (8km) east of Mandalay and 884ft (269m) above the sea level.

Shopping in Yangon

The main tourist destination in Yangon is the Bogyoke Market, where most of the Myanmmar made souvenirs are available. Traditional art & crafts such as Lacquerware, Paintings, Antiques, Tapestries, Textile, Souvenirs, Gems & Jewelries are available in this market and in downtown Yangon.

Moyingyi Wetland Sanctuary

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info Moneyingyi Wetland Sanctuary or Moyingyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve of Burma. It is located in Bago Division. It occupies an area of 100 square kilometres (40 sq mi) and was established in 1986.

Hotels in Yangon

Accommodation in Myanmar is easy and comfortable. There are luxury 5 star hotels to cheap motels. Either the corresponding Travel Agent can arrange for the accommodation or one can do it by themselves without any problem.

Hlawga Park

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info  Hlawga National Park is a national park located in Mingaladon, Yangon Division, Myanmar, 22 miles north of Yangon. The 1540-acre park includes an 818-acre wildlife park, a 62-acre mini-zoo and a 660-acre buffer zone.


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info Hsinbyushin, moved the capital to Amarapura in the 1780s, and the city has been in decline ever since.

Eindawya Pagoda

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info The beautifully proportioned pagoda at Eindawya Paya stands west of Zegyo Market. It is covered in goldleaf and makes a fine, shimmering sight on a sunny day. The pagoda was built by King Pagan Min in 1847, on the site of the palace where he lived before he ascended the throne - which at that time was still at Amarapura. 

Kantharyar Beach

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info  Kantharyar Beach is the Rakhing State's third pleasant beach resort. Kantharyar by its name meaning the pleasant beach in Myanmar. The beach is about 2km long.

Indawgyi Lake

info Indawgyi Lake is located in Moenyin Township, Kachin State, Myanmar. Indawgyi Lake is the largest inland lake not only in Myanmar but also in Southeast Asia. The measurement of the lake is 8 miles across from east to west and 15 miles from north to south. The main dominant ethnic groups dwelling around the lake are Kachin, and Shan.

Three famous hilltop pagodas in Thandwe

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info Sandaw Pagoda, built in 784 AD and named after a hair relic of the Buddha enshrined within, is located at the southern end of town near the Thandwe River. Andaw Pagoda (761 AD) holds a Buddha tooth relic and can be found on the opposite bank of the river.

Glazed plaque

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Glazed plaques depicting various nat figures paying homage with flowers and other offerings can be seen at Ananda and Mingalar pagodas. Those at Ananda are encrypted with Mon-language script, while the ones at Mingalar show Myanmar inscriptions. Visitors to Damayazika, Shwe Pat Leik, Ananda and Mingalar pagodas can see ceramic tiles depicting episodes from the 550 past lives of Glazed plaque the Buddha.

Important Telephone Numbers (Naypyitaw)

Telephone Area Code : 067
Myanma Post and Telecommunication
Auto Exchange - 422222, 420111, 421111
Fault Complaint - 420100, 420000
Post Office - 420002


info Mingalazedi ('Blessing Stupa') was built in 1277 by Narathihapati. It was the very last of the large Late period monuments to be built before the kingdom's decline, thus representing the final flowering of Bagan's architectural skills.

Setse Beach

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info  It lies 24km south of Kyaikkami and 16km southwest of Thanbyuzayut, Mon State. It is a very wide, brown-sand beach that tends toward tidal flats when the shallow surf-line recedes at low tide.

Tu Yin Taung Pagoda

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info Tuyin Taung or the Tuyin hill is located on the eastern side of the Ayeyarwaddy River bank of Bagan.

Mount Hponkan Razi

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A Trip to Mount Hponkan Razi, this topic is based on an Expedition to Hponkan Razi Region in the past years.Hponkan Razi Mountain is situated in Putao District, northernmost part of Myanmar.