Myanmar Coins

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Are you interesetd in Numismatics? 

Then you can be called as a numismatist. Long ago, coin collecting was known as the "Hobby of Kings". Here is a collection of coins issued in Myanmar throughout history. Myanmar currency is marked as "Kyat". One Kyat is composed of 100 pyays, which are in coins. From the Pyu Era until now, coins have been used in many ways. Coins were made from bronze, silver and gold with some other alloy.

burmat coins3


 Here are some of the different coins from different ages.

burmat coins1burmat coins3burmat coins4burmat coins6burmat coins5burmat coins7burmat coins9burmat coins8coin1coin2coin4coin3coin6coin5coin8coin7



1 coin11 coin21 coin41 coin3

1 coin61 coin51 coin81 coin7

1 coin101 coin91 coin121 coin11

1 coin141 coin131 coin161 coin15



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