Strange Buddha Images of Myanmar

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info Shwe Myet Man Paya (or) the Buddha Image with the Golden Spectacles is situated in a town called Shwedaung, near Pyay in Bago Division.

It is on the way to Pyay, about 14km south of Pyay. There is a large , white-faced sitting Buddha Image inside the main shrine. The Budhha image wears a gargantuan set of eyeglasses with gold-plated rims. Coming from Yangon, it is located on the left side of the road.

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The glasses were known to be first added to the images during the Konbaung Era, when a nobleman offered them to the temple in an attempt to stimulate local faith through curiosity. Soon, rumours like the image is capable of curing any kind of diseases, especially afflictions linked to the eyes. The rumours made locals from all over the country crowded at this temple.

The large spectacles were stolen once, and then the image wears a second pair, donated by the locals nearby. The image was later enshrined to protect from thieves. A third pair of glasses were donated by an English officer stationed in Pyay, during the colonial time, when his wife suffered from eye trouble. As the legend says, after such donation, his wife was cured and got her sight back.

It takes about nine monks to remove the glasses for their fortnightly cleaning.

Buddha with a mole

Kyaikpawlaw Buddha Image is well-known because of the living mole on the face of the Buddha image. While visiting Kyaikhtiyo, one can also plan to visit this astonishing image. Located in Kyaikhto, Kantkaw Township in Mon State.

The Kyaikpawlaw Hmeshindaw Pagoda means the Budhha Image with the living mole. The pagoda is said to possess great influence because the image enshrined in it has a mole on its face. Every year, there is a festival held in the name of this Buddha image. Locals from all parts of the country visit the mysterious image with the moving mole. The legend of the image is not clearly known.

There are five astonishing facts about this image.

    1. The eyes of the image are lively.
    2. The image was moved by elephants, horses, and men but was not able to move.
    3. The image is said to be floating on water.
    4. No matter how many times, the mole on the Buddha's face is offered with gold foil, it never fades away.
    5. The image is always facing to the region where Sri Lanka exists.

    more to come

  •         Buddha with unidentical eyes
  •         Buddha-to-be
  •         Buddha as a king
  •         Buddha as a spirit


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