Myanmar Words adopted from other languages

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Even though some are not directly adopted, they seems somehow related.

NOTE: Pls let us know if you know any others.

Adopted Words

. There are lots of adopted words mostly from English:
. Those adopted from English
- manager
- cigarette
- cassette
- radio
- computer
- mic (microphone)
- ball-pen, fountain-pen
- motor-cycle
- car
- card
- director
. Those adopted from Hindi
- arloo (potato)


English (or Other Languages) Myanmar
pay (money, cash, etc) pay
salt saar
soap sut-pyar
shimés (French) shimee
case cate-sa
sugar tha-gyar
cake cake-mont
bank ban
direct dike-yike
telephone telephone
ball pen ball pen


Chinese  Myanmar
baozi pauk sie


Hindi (or Other Languages) Myanmar
prata palartar
arloo arloo
gobi gawbi





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