Earliest Myanmar Script

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The first Myanmar script ever found was a brief Myanmar phrase quoted within a Mon stone inscription. That was Myakan Mon stone inscription by King Kyansitthar saying "Maha Nibban Letswe Chi Ye".However, the first Myanmar stone inscription, "Yarza Komer stone inscription" (also known as "Mya Zedi stone inscription") is known to many as the first Myanmar script, although we should say Myazedi Stone Inscription is the first Myanmar document.


Earliest Myanmar Document

Myazedi Stone Inscription is the earliest Myanmar document ever found in Myanmar's history. It still exists in Bagan. And it is in quite a good condition and is being well maintained.
Myazedi stone inscription, also known as Yarza Komer stone inscription, was engraved in 4 languages: Myanmar, Mon, Pali, and Pyu on 4 sides of a stone.
Every Burmese knows Prince Yarza Komer's story. He was the son of King Kyatsitthar, who had a lawful right to be the successor king. But the father King Kyansitthar didn't know he had a son, until after he had crowned his grandson (his dauther's son). He lived his whole life as just as a prince.

Myazedi Stone Inscription


  • When Prince Yaza Komer's mother, the former queen, died, he donated all his mother's jewlery and 4 villages to Buddha by building a pagoda, namely Myazedi. He engraved the following stone inscription. He also donated all his slaves to this pagoda in order to take care of it.
  • The summary of the stone inscription was that Prince Yarza Komer donated all this in memory of his parents, and if anyone tries to destroy his donation, he cursed that this person should not have a chance to meet the next upcoming Buddha.
  • Here it is. Compare them those with today's form of Myanmar script.



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