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Kawleikgyin Ne Win (Burmese: ကောလိပ်ဂျင်နေဝင်း, 1 October 1928 – 2 June 1983) was a two-time Burmese Academy Award winning Burmese film actor and director. Conceived Ne Win, he was given his well known moniker after his fruitful presentation film, Kawleikgyin (The Collegian), so as not to be mistaken for the late Burmese strongman of a similar name, Gen. Ne Win.

Ne Win was conceived in Hinthada (Henzada), Ayeyarwady Division, the child of Daw Tin, an educator, and U Thet Pe, a cop. Subsequent to moving on from Coming High School in Hinthada, Ne Win enrolled in the Burmese Navy in 1946. He cleared out the naval force in 1951 to select in Rangoon University. At the college, Ne Win played for the Rangoon University football group as a striker forward. Ne Win demonstrated a capable footballer. He made the Burmese national group in 1955, and won the Best Player grant given by the Burma Football Federation in 1956. Ne Win earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1958.

Ne Win made his film make a big appearance in 1959 with Kawleikgyin. Director Chinn Sein cast Ne Win, a broadly surely understood footballer, to assume the title part in his film about a romantic tale between a lovely young lady and a joyful Rangoon University sportsman. The film's tremendous notoriety in a flash made Ne Win one of the main men of Burmese silver screen. Known as Kawliekgyin Ne Win from that point on, he remained a main man in the 1960s, featuring in many movies.

Beginning in the late 1960s, Kawleikgyin Ne Win effectively exchanged into more established, father-figure parts. He won his two Burmese Academy Awards late in his vocation in 1969 and 1979.

Kawleikgyin Ne Win was married to Khin Marla, little girl of the late Bo Zeya, an individual from the incredible Thirty Comrades and military pioneer of the Communist Party of Burma. He has 4 youngsters. His lone child and his second most youthful girl are both effective specialists in their own privilege. His child Yaza Ne Win is a comedic performing artist and artist, and was well known in the late 1990s and mid 2000s. The little girl Hayma Ne Win is a standout amongst the best Burmese vocalists, prominent amid the late 1990s. His eldest girl Thandar Ne Win has her own business firm and possesses lodgings. His most youthful little girl, Yupar Ne Win is cherishing in America. Kawleikgyin Ne Win never saw his youngsters' expert achievement which came after his demise in 1983.





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