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The Queen's Brick Monastery

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Nanmadaw Me Nu (Burmese: နန်းမတော် မယ်နု, 18 June 1783 – 12 May 1840) was the main ruler of King Bagyidaw of Konbaung line of Burma from 1819 to 1837. Hitched to Bagyidaw (then, Prince of Sagaing) in 1801, Me Nu moved toward becoming ruler when Bagyidaw rose the royal position on 5 June 1819, with the title Namadaw Mibaya Khaunggyi (actually, Queen of the Main Palace).

Me Nu was a piece of the war party alongside Gen. Maha Bandula and her sibling Maung O, the Lord of Salin, in Bagyidaw's court that supported war with the British. After the unfortunate First Anglo-Burmese War (1824–1826) that left the nation disabled, Bagyidaw turned out to be progressively withdrawn. Me Nu and her sibling progressed toward becoming accepted leaders of the nation, and they were abundantly dreaded for their overbearing principle. In February 1837, Crown Prince Tharrawaddy, sibling of Bagyidaw, raised a resistance to Bagyidaw, effectively constraining Bagyidaw to abandon in April. Tharrawaddy put his sibling under house capture yet executed Me Nu and her sibling.

Ruler Me Nu had a child and a girl with Bagyidaw. The child, Prince of Palaing, kicked the bucket youthful at 10 in April 1804. The little girl Princess Supayagale was a ruler (Queen Hsinbyumashin) of King Mindon and mother of Burma's last ruler Supayalat.






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