Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala

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U Vimala (Burmese: မိုးကုတ်ဆရာတော် ဦးဝိမလ, normally known as the Mogok Sayadaw; 27 December 1899 - 17 October 1962) was a famous bhikkhu and vipassanā contemplation ace of Theravada Buddhism.

He was born Maung Hla Baw to Daw Shwe Ake and U Aung Tun in a little town near Amarapura in Mandalay Province, Burma on 27 December 1899. Hla Baw started his training at 4, and enlisted as a samanera or novitiate at age 9 under U Jagara. He later left for Mingala Makuna Monastery at Amarapura to proceed with his religious reviews.

In 1920, he was appointed as a bhikkhu (friar) in the custom of Burmese Buddhism with the dharma name Vimala (ဝိမလ) which signifies "stainless, Undefiled." As his monkhood was supported by the occupants of Mogok, a town surely understood for rubies and pearls, Vimala ended up plainly known as "Mogok". In 1924, Vimala turned into the main abbot of Pikara Monastery. He started to give sermons concentrating on abhidhamma and showing vipassana reflection. He accomplished Nirvanna by honing reflection for a long time and turned into an Arhat. At that point, he dispersed his strategy to the students for achieving Nirvanna. He concentrated on the knowledge learning of the dynamic way of psyche and materials in his instructing. His showing sound recordings are as yet accessible and learnt by Myanmar Buddhists to learn contemplation techniques.

U Vimala built up the Mogok custom of vipassana reflection, which is free of the contemplation conventions set up by his Burmese antecedents, Ledi Sayadaw and Mahasi Sayadaw. U Vimala focused on ward start and cittanupassana as a feature of reflection practice. There are at present more than 300 reflection focuses in Burma that show his type of contemplation.

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