Taunggwin Sayadaw

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The Taunggwin Sayadaw U Visuddha Silacaraha (တောင်ခွင်ဆရာတော် ဦးဝိသုဒ္ဓ သီလာစာရဟာ) was the last Buddhist friar to hold the workplace as Thathanabaing of Burma. The workplace was annulled after his demise in 1938 and no successor was ever named.

Visuddha was conceived Maung Hlut (မောင်လွှတ်) on 13 November 1844 in Amarapura to an unmistakable Burmese family. His dad, U Po, was a Burmese authority and child of a Sitke (Deputy Commander-in-Chief), while his mom Me Shwe Wa, was the little girl of a high-positioning priest, the Kyauksauk Mingyi, Maha Thihathu. Visuddha's dad passed on when he was three years old and at 9 years old, he entered devout life as an understudy, under the tutelage of U Adicca.

Parade of the Taunggwin Sayadaw at his establishment as Thathanabaing of Upper Burma in 1903.

He was made a samanera (beginner minister) at 14 years old, under U Maida, a thera. At 19 years old, Visuddha was completely appointed as a bhikkhu. At 25 years old, he migrated to Mandalay and put himself under the mentorship of the Maungdaung Sayadaw, a rumored researcher on the Vinaya. In 1873, King Mindon Min allowed Visuddha the title of sayadaw ('imperial educator'). He then took free charge of a religious community whose main benefactor was the Chief Queen. In 1877, at the welcome of the Taunggwin Mingyi, the Sayadaw moved and assumed responsibility of a gathering of cloisters known as the Taunggwin Kyaukdaik.

At the point when the Taungdaw Sayadaw held office as Thathanabaing, the Taunggwin Sayadaw was designated as his Deputy, to choose contrasts between Buddhist friars and to authorize consistence with the Vinaya. The Daungdaw Sayadaw was selected by King Thibaw Min, the last lord of the Konbaung Dynasty.

In 1901, a get together of 2,000 Buddhist ministers chose the Moda Sayadaw as the Thathanabaing, a post that had been empty since 1895, with the demise of the Taungdaw Sayadaw. In any case, the Moda Sayadaw kicked the bucket soon a while later. On 24 October 1903, the Taunggwin Sayadaw was reported by the Burma Gazette as the Thathanabaing, having ward over just Upper Burma. He was formally introduced to his office on 13 November 1903, at a darbar held at the Thudhamma Zayat in Mandalay.







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