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Min Thu Wun (Burmese: မင်းသုဝဏ်; 10 February 1909 – 15 August 2004) was a Burmese artist, essayist and researcher who propelled another age abstract development called Khit-San (Testing the Times) in Burma. He is the father of Htin Kyaw, leader of Myanmar since 2016.

Conceived Maung Wun at Kungyangon in Mon state in 1909, he was of Mon and Bamar (Burman) plummet. He began composing ballads at 20 years old for Rangoon College (later Rangoon University) magazine. It was in college that he, alongside alternate understudies of Professor Pe Maung Tin – Theippan Maung Wa and Zawgyi, spearheaded the Hkit san style of short stories and lyrics, distributed in the college magazine, and Ganda Lawka (World of Books) magazine which he altered, under the tutelage of J S Furnivall, originator of the Burma Research Society. The year 1934 saw the distribution of Hkit san pon byin (Experimental Tales) – a gathering of short stories to test the perusers' response, composed by Zawgyi, Min Thu Wun and Theippan Maung Wa among others. The composition was particular and novel in style utilizing shorter sentences and moving far from the conventional abstract vocabulary.

In 1935 Min Thu Wun got his graduate degree in Burmese writing. He went to learn at Oxford University, and accomplished a four year college education in writing in 1939.

While Theippan Maung Wa was renowned for his composition, Min Thu Wun and Zawgyi were best known for their depiction of the day by day lives of normal individuals and for their valuation for nature in their lyrics. Zawgyi turned into the most regarded abstract commentator, and Min Thu Wun the best adored writer.

  1. Nursery Songs for Maung Khway – 13 tunes in Burmese with music and English interpretations by Gordon H Luce of 60 years back were reproduced in 2002.
  2. Stories for Children – his interpretation of 26 stories for youngsters from around the globe from 1955 to 1961 were likewise gathered into a book in 1965.
  3. Min Thu Wun's productive compositions on writing, both established and present day, in various articles were later gathered into 3 vital books.
  4. Skillet hnin pinzi – The Tree Trunk and the Blooms (1965)
  5. Myanma sa Myanma hmu – Burmese Life and Letters (1965)
  6. Pyinma ngokto – The Tough Tree Stump (1968)

Min Thu Wun clarified in a book survey the way of "light" and "genuine" writing. He went ahead to make the Burmese form of Braille for the visually impaired. He likewise ordered Mon – Burmese and Pali – Burmese word references.

In 1990 he was chosen as a National League for Democracy (NLD) Member of Parliament, in spite of the fact that he surrendered 8 years after the fact under weight from the military administration. His work has additionally been prohibited from production. A prominent production called Sapei Gya-ne (Literary Journal) was likewise obstructed in its endeavor to commit its June 1995 issue to Min Thu Wun. He kicked the bucket on 15 August 2004 at 95 years old.



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