Theippan Maung Wa

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Theippan Maung Wa

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Theippan Maung Wa (Burmese: သိပ္ပံမောင်ဝ 5 June 1899 – 6 June 1942) was a Burmese author, and one of the pioneers of the Hkit San scholarly development. The development scanned for another style and substance in Burmese writing before the Second World War beginning with Hkit san ponbyin (Experimental Tales, 1934, 1938).

He began composing daily paper articles while still in secondary school accepting the pseudonym Waziya Tint. In 1919, he moved on from the Maha Buddhaghosa High School with qualifications in Burmese and Pali writing. Not long after he started his reviews in Rangoon College in 1920, the primary college understudy strike in the historical backdrop of Burma broke out, and he cleared out college to instruct at the first of the National Schools that appeared, as a demonstration of rebellion against the pilgrim training framework, until 1923. Sein Tin continued his reviews later and graduated B.A. Hons. with refinements in Burmese in 1927, the main understudy in Burmese history to do as such.

Theippan Kyaungtha Maung Mya Thwin (Science Student Maung Mya Thwin) was the pseudonym he utilized as a part of the Campus magazine and in the Ganda Lawka magazine built up by J S Furnivall where the Hkit San development joined by such scholars as Zawgyi and Min Thu Wun started to come to fruition. He then began to compose under the name Theippan Maung Wa in the Dagon magazine distributed by Ledi Pandita U Maung Gyi and the Kyipwayay (Growth) magazine distributed by U Hla; both of these turned into a stage for the Hkit San development. He likewise composed plays in the Kyipwayay expecting a lady's name, Tint, other than artistic investigates and different articles.

Sein Tin went ahead to Oxford University to think about for the Indian Civil Service exam and on his arrival from Britain in 1929, filled in as a locale officer in rustic Burma amid the pilgrim time frame. He composed a progression of little draws in light of his perceptions of rustic life, a large number of which were reproachful of political and financial establishments, both provincial and indigenous, for example, the accompanying illustrations.

Pyissandarit (The Backwaters or Limbo, 1933 Ganda Lawka) was a look at life in a little Burmese angling town before World War II. It delineates the brutal conditions in the town and the insignificant quarrels that emerged among its occupants.

Leilan Pwè (The Auction, 1933 Ganda Lawka) occurred amid the pilgrim time frame. The story is a portrayal and verifiable evaluate of a fishery sale, a Western monetary foundation not especially appropriate to the Burmese as the story appears.

Mama yway Mi (Eve of Election, 1932) occurred before World War II amid the provincial time frame. It depicts the political factionalism that was emerging among Burmese government officials even at this early date and which would just increment in post-autonomy Burma.

A gathering of 36 of these short stories, distributed in the vicinity of 1929 and 1941 generally in Ganda Lawka, ended up noticeably recommended school message in the 1960s distributed by Sarpay Beikman Books. His letters to Kyipwayay U Hla in the vicinity of 1933 and 1942 were distributed by the last mentioned, in this way known as Ludu U Hla, after 3 decades. U Hla additionally distributed Tint Pyazat (Plays by Tint); he had been instrumental in the scan for and the inevitable production of Sit Atwin Neizin Hmattan (War Diary) in 1966.

Theippan Maung Wa met a troublesome demise on account of outfitted criminals close Shwebo amid the Japanese intrusion in 1942 on the day after his 43rd birthday.






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