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U Shwe Yoe's original name was U Ba Ga Lay. He was a pioneer famous Cartoonist, Actor, Comedian and Dancer. U Ba Ga Lay invented Myanmar's most famous Dance and Character known as U Shwe Yoe. He was born in 1893, Pathein, the delta region of Myanmar. His parents were U Pho Thi and Daw Thae Mhone, both were teachers of Pathein High School. He died in 1945 at the age of 52.

The U Shwe Yoe dance

U Shwe Yoe dance was U Ba Ga Lay’s jolly joker dance sequence in, 1923. U Shwe Yoe's dance is full of joy and fun. It is in the form of an old man with thick eye brows, long curved mustache, traditional Myanmar Gong Baung, long muffler around the neck with Myanmar Taung Shay Pasoe (long traditional longyi) and Taikpone (jacket). He also wears a pair of funny sunglasses. He also dances with a Pathein Umbrella. Today, Myanmar People have taken this form and dance. U Shwe Yoe dances to the music of the Ozi and Doebut troupes. He dances to the rhythmic sounds of the accompanying dobat or double-faced short drum, cymbals and bamboo clappers. The original version of the dance was then appended to a duet form. It was known as U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe Dance. The couple dance in the form as U Shwe Yoe tries to woo the spinster Daw Moe, which make the couple lively and also give the audience the laugh for fun. The dance is presented with humour in order to make the spectators merry. U Shwe Yoe dance is always a must for many festive occasions.

U Ba Ga Lay acted in 18 movies during 12 years of his carrier. At his time, the motion films were created without voice. Only three out of his 18 movies included voice version.

The list of his movies

  •     Taw Myaing Soon Ka Lwan Aung Phan (nostalgia effects of the jungle)1923
  •     Ah Ba Yae(Oh Ah Ba. Ah Ba means father or an old man.) 1923
  •     Pauk Kyine (Myanmar Folk tale) 1924
  •     Ta Khine Lone Shwe (The whole bunch of gold) 1924
  •     Ta Khine Lone Sein (The whole bunch of diamonds) 1924
  •     Mhine Wai Wai. (The Hazy fog) 1925
  •     Pa Loke Toke Toke Sakya Shin 1925
  •     Village boy Shwe Yoe 1926
  •     Shwe Min Won 1926
  •     Where is Shwe Yoe 1926
  •     Shwe Yoe and San Phae 1927
  •     Shwe Talay 1927
  •     Khin Maung Gyi 1927
  •     Honeymoon period 1929
  •     Wai Lwin Lwin 1929
  •     Mr Batchelor 1930
  •     Love Triangle 1930
  •     Shwe Pay Lhwar (Golden Message)




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