Crown Prince Kanaung

Crown Prince Ka Naung was a son of King Tharrawaddy Min and Chief Queen Min Myat Shwe, a grand daughter of Hsinbyushin. Prince Ka Naung was the younger brother of King Mindon, one of the most well-known kings in the history of Myanmar. After the Second Anglo-Burmese War, they overthrew their half brother Pagan Min (1848-1853) which put Mindon on the throne. Kanaung became the Heir Apparent in 1853.

Modernized Kingdom

The Crown Prince was dedicated to a new developed nation during his brother's reign. Prince Ka Naung was a skilful administrator. He studied the art of war and sent many men to study in the Western Countries such as The Great Britain, United States, France and Italy. He tried to rebuild the Royal Army with modern weapons and modern methods to defend against the British invasion. Crown Prince Ka Naung was also the people's idol. He also built weapon and coin factories. He had designed and created depth charges in order to repulse British troops sailing up the Ayeyarwaddy River. But his idea was not accomplished due to the protest by the head of the Buddhist Sangha against the deadly effect on the fish in the Ayeyarwaddy. The Crown Prince also took care of the factories himself and checked personally. He was married to Princess Hlaing Hteik Khaung Tin. The Princess Hlaing Hteik Khaung Tin was well-known for the famous love song Seinchu Kya Nyaung.

Lost of the Prince

In June 1866, the two princes Myingun and Myin Khondaing, the sons of King Mindon, tried to coup the Royal Palace. it lead to an unsuccessful mission, but King Mindon had to flee from the Palace with a very narrow escape and Prince Kanaung was killed. King Mindon had a long sadness for his faithful brother. So he built a mausoleum and buried Prince Ka Naung's body in the ground of Sandamuni Pagoda, at the foot of Mandalay Hill. Due to this coup in the Royal family, King Mindon did not appoint any other heir to the throne. The unsuccessful brothers Myingun and Myin Khondaing went straight to the British and were never found again. The loss of Prince Ka Naung was mourned by the nation and he is still remembered as a great prince of the ancient times.



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