King Thibaw

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King Thibaw (A.D. 1881-1885) was the 11th generation of the Konbaung Dynasty. King Thibaw was the last king of the Myanmar Monarch. He became the King of Myanmar in 1881 at the age of 16. He was born a royal prince from the Queen mother named as Queen Laung Shay. He was known to be the youngest prince among all his siblings. But as all the princes were killed in different circumstance, he was the only heir left to the throne of the Konbaung Dynasty.

As he became the King, he took his sweetheart from his childhood, Su Payar Latt as his Queen. They had four daughters. He was left without a son.

Queen Su Payar Latt became very powerful during his reign and she was the one who was holding strings to the empire. Many Ministers did not agree with many of the events that the Queen decided, but they had no other way to deny.

On 29 November 1885, the King together with his royal family members were taken to Yadanargiri, India. From that time on, Myanmar became a colony to the British Empire.

He died in 15 December 1916 in Yadanargiri, India, at the age of 58. But he was only buried on the 19 March 1919 in a tomb near the resident.

The Queen was sent back to Myanmar in 1919 and she lived the rest of her life in Mandalay.


King Thibaw & Queen Su Payar Latt                        King Thibaw



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