Halawah Snack



We are going to present about popular snack Halawash from Pathein, the capital of Ayeyarwady Division.

Most visitors take away Halawah as presents for their friends at home. Let’s see how a pot of Halawah is prepared.

Ingredients required for making a pot of Halawah are: 8 pounds of sticky rice, 8 pounds at Pawsanmgwe or quality rice, 4 viss of groundnut oil and 50 ticals of pulse or oil seeds.In preparation, first, boil the sugar and drain it. Shred the coconut and squeeze the milk. The sticky and quality rice should be mixed and soaked in water for about two hours. Then grind the rice and keep the batter ready.

When everything is ready, put the drained liquid sugar into a large pan. When boiled, add coconut milk. When the coconut milk becomes thick, add the batter. Keep the heat well till the batter becomes thick.

Then add butter and groundnut oil. When the gravy becomes oily, sprinkle oil seeds. The culminating result will be an appetizing Halawah snack.



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