Mann Ma-yway

Mann Ma-yway, a snack made of glutinous rice and palm sugar, is mostly sold at rural markets and pagoda festivals in Myanmar. It is also called Ma-yway-gyi in some regions. Made of puffed glutinous rice and palm sugar, it is sweet, delicious and crispy and consumed by old and young, alike.

In making Mann Ma-yway, first of all, steamed glutinous rice is pounded into paste. The paste is place on a mat, strewn with bran. It is then cut into flat pieces, each measuring about an inch. The small pieces of glutinous rice must be dried under the sun for about half a day. After that, when the small pieces are roasted, they puffed-up. At the same time, palm sugar syrup must be kept ready. 

After sifting in a sieve, the puffed-up piece are put in a big bamboo tray and poured with hot palm sugar syrup and then mixed well. When the syrup is cooled, then crispy sweet smelling Mann Ma-yway is ready. 

Mann Ma-yway is eaten with hot green tea. In some rural areas, this snack is served at wedding or religious ceremonies.

Mann Ma-yway is a rural snack preferred by majority of the people.



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