Banana Pudding (Nget Pyaw Paung)




1. Banana - 5 bunches
2. Sugar - 20 ticals
3. Coconut - 1 No
4. Butter - 5 ticals
5. Oil - 10 ticals
6. Flour - 15 ticals
7. Salt - 2 tea spoons 

How to make

Banana pudding is a traditional snack of Myanmar and it is mostly served at ceremonies and other merit occasions. 

First clean banana and crush them with girder or crusher. Make flour clean using sieve. Squeeze coconut milk from coconut flash make it . Add coconut festival , flour and oil into crush banana and mix them thoroughly. Put banana into baking tray, which is coated with some butter. Make the surface flat. Spread coconut milk over it. Bake if in over for about 30 min or nearly an hour. Without dye, you can get natural colour banana pudding.

Then you can cut it into any kind of shape that you want to serve. It tastes sweet and smells very good.



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