Buttered Rice & Chicken Curry




How to make Butter Rice

Myanmar people eat rice everyday together with curries. Myanmar people also like to cook rice together with coconut or butter.

First, pour some butter into the pan and heat. Then fried some leaves and sesame. When it’s smell is good, add flour tin of rice. Add salt, sugar and mix thoroughly. After a few minutes, pour them into the pot. Add some water to reach 1 inch above of rice. Bring it to boil and stir. When it is nearly cooked, add dried grapes. Cook the rice with heat above and under for half an hour. Now, this is delicious Myanmar meal.

How to make Chicken Curry

First, clean the chicken. Cut the chicken into small pieces. Then marinate with salt. Peel off the skins of the onions and cut into very small pieces. 
Then heat the stove. Put some oil in the pot and let it heat up. Put the cut onions into it and stir. Put some chilli powder and the spices. Cook it until the mixture turn red. then put the chicken into the stove and stir together with the onion mixture. Cook it for about five minutes. Then put some water until the chicken is flooded. Leave the stove on until the chicken becomes soft.

Now it is ready to serve, the Butter rice together with the Chicken Curry. But you might need some salads to give a more delicious taste. The salad is usually made from onion, cucumber, green chillies and mix them up to make a more complete set.

Ingredients Buttered Rice

1. Rice
2. Butter
3. Sugar
4. Dried Grapes
5. Cashew nut
6. Cinnamon
7. Bay Leaves
8. Salt - 4 tins

Ingredients Chicken Curry

1.Chicken (half kg)
2.Some Oil
3.6 Onions
4.Some salt
5.Some Spices
6.Some Chilli powder

Ingredients other

-163 grams
- 1 tea spoon
- 1 packet
- 1 packet
- 3 pieces
- 3 leaves
- 1 tea spoon



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