Shwesayan Pagoda Festival

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The Shwesayan Pagoda is on the bank of Dothtawady River originating in the Shan Plateau. The Pagoda locates about six miles from Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin motorway in Patheingyi Township, Mandalay Division.

The Shwesayan Pagoda was built by Saw Mon Hla, a queen of King Anawratha, in 416 of Bagan Era. The ten jatakas of the lives of Buddha are depicted on wall paintings of Hpokala Pagoda in the precinct of the Shwesayan Pagoda.

The grand Pagoda festival is held yearly from the full moon day of Dabaung to the 10th waning moon.

Visitors from various parts of Myanmar participate in the festival. They arrive there by traveling along the Dothtawady River by motorboats and sampans and some visitors by cart convoy, by motorcars as well as horse cart. Some of the visitors rest for the night at the Pagoda.


The full moon day of Dabaung is the most significant day of the festival. There are fairs on the pagoda platform and at the foot of the pagoda thronged with shoppers. Colourful beads necklace and various toys made of toddy leaves are instantly manufactured at the fair place for sale. It is an extraordinary work at the fair. Inner tender leaves of the toddy tree are dyed in different colours and then manufactured as necklaces with beads which are pleased by youths and children.

Different kinds of toys made of the colourful tender leaves of the toddy tree will catch your eyes. Delicacies of upper Myanmar and regional products are also on sale at the pagoda fair.

Some Shan nationals carry their regional products and put on sale at the fair. They also buy the goods needed for them. The pagoda fair is thronged with sellers and buyers of consumer goods.

Another extraordinary scene of the festival is youths and children with toddy leaf beads on their necks dousing water and playing joyfully in the cool water of the Dothtawady River. Water dousing and playing in the Knee-deep river gives them mental and physical refreshment.
If you have a chance ever to join the Shwesayan pagoda festival, you can witness for yourselves the traditional culture and beautiful natural superb panoramic views of Upper Myanmar.

Place Patheingyi Township, Mandalay Division
Time Full moon day of Dabaung to the 10th waning moon



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