What is Mingalar par?

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38 Elements of Mingalar

Some ancient writers extracted 38 points out of Buddhist teaching, and adapted into Myanmar culture to practice whenever possible. Whenever someone greet as "Mingalar par" in Myanmar, he or she virtually refers in brief that right now, there are these 38 rules are practiced right there, at the time and day of greeting.


The 38 Elements of Mingalar includes..

  1. To avoid fools.
  2. To stay close with wise people.
  3. To honour those worthy of honour
  4. To live in a suitable locality
  5. To have accumulated merits of the past
  6. To be rightly concentrated on onself
  7. To be possessed of vate vast learning
  8. To be possessed of skill
  9. To be well trained in descipline
  10. To be pleasent good speech
  11. To support mother and father
  12. To cherish wife and children
  13. To have unconfused occupation
  14. To gives alms
  15. To live righteously (or) To practice dhama
  16. To help relatives
  17. To do blameless deeds
  18. To avoid thinking sinful things.
  19. To avoid sins physically and verbally.
  20. To refrain from intoxicants
  21. To be vigilant in righteous acts
  22. Reverence
  23. Humbleness
  24. Contentment
  25. To appreciate gratitude
  26. Listening to dhama at proper time
  27. To be patient
  28. To be obedient
  29. To meet with holy persons
  30. To discuss the dhama at proper time
  31. To restrain against worldly pleasures
  32. To live holy and pure life
  33. To have in sight knowledge of four noble truths
  34. To realise nibana for oneself
  35. The mind that stands unshaken
  36. The mind that stands unsorrowing
  37. The mind that stands passionless
  38. The mind that stands secure when touched the worldly conditions



 Photo credit - www.koyandaw.blogspot.com



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