Ethics and duties of a Myanmar

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Ethics and duties of these were defined in Myanmar culture, centuries ago.

  1. Sons & daughters
  2. Parents
  3. Students
  4. Teachers
  5. Husband
  6. Wife
  7. Employees
  8. Employers



5 Duties of Sons and Daughters

  1. Look after parents just like they did to you
  2. Help parents
  3. Deserve the right to heir
  4. Give donations
  5. Protect your family

5 Duties of a Parent

  1. Forbid them from doing wrong
  2. Teach them to do the right
  3. Let them study
  4. Give them investment
  5. Merry to their partners

5 Duties of a Student

  1. Respect your teachers/leaders
  2. Help your teachers/leaders
  3. Trust and obey your teachers/leaders
  4. Look after your teachers/leaders
  5. Study well

5 Duties of a Teacher

  1. Train them to be disciplined
  2. Teach them and explain to the best
  3. Teach them everything you know
  4. Appreciate them, especially in front of others
  5. Stand for them whenever they need

5 Duties of a Husband

  1. Care her tenderly and lovingly
  2. Never ignore her
  3. Avoid adultery
  4. Give her whatever you've earned
  5. Buy her clothes and jewlery

5 Duties of a Wife

  1. Make a good home
  2. Serve your guests
  3. Avoid adultery
  4. Manage family finance well
  5. Never get lazy

5 Duties of an Employer

  1. Be considerate
  2. Be sympathetic
  3. Feel for the juniors
  4. Be patient
  5. Discuss/Point out mistakes

5 Duties of a Friend


5 Duties of an Employee




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