Ethics and duties of a Myanmar

Ethics and duties of these were defined in Myanmar culture, centuries ago.

  1. Sons & daughters

  2. Parents

  3. Students

  4. Teachers

  5. Husband

  6. Wife

  7. Slaves

  8. Masters


5 Duties of Sons and Daughters

  • Look after parents just like they did to you
  • Help parents
  • Deserve the right to heir
  • Give donations
  • Protect your family

5 Duties of a Parent

  • Forbid them from doing wrong
  • Teach them to do the right
  • Let them study
  • Give them investment
  • Merry to their partners

5 Duties of a Student

  • Respect your teachers/leaders
  • Help your teachers/leaders
  • Trust and obey your teachers/leaders
  • Look after your teachers/leaders
  • Study well

5 Duties of a Teacher

  • Train them to be disciplined
  • Teach them and explain to the best
  • Teach them everything you know
  • Appreciate them, especially in front of others
  • Stand for them whenever they need

5 Duties of a Husband

  • Care her tenderly and lovingly
  • Never ignore her
  • Avoid adultery
  • Give her whatever you've earned
  • Buy her clothes and jewlery

5 Duties of a Wife

  • Make a good home
  • Serve your guests
  • Avoid adultery
  • Manage family finance well
  • Never get lazy

5 Duties of an Employer

  • Be considerate
  • Be sympathetic
  • Feel for the juniors
  • Be patient
  • Discuss
  • Point out mistakes

5 Duties of a Friend


5 Duties of an Employee




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