Myanmar Toys


When we talk about Myanmar Made Products, lets start with the attractive Myanmar Toys.

The Traditional Toys of Myanmar are mostly made of papier-mâché, but colourful and attractive. Theses toys are usually sold on the stairways of the Pagodas all over Myanmar. They differ in size, style, idea, meaning and color giving each of them a unique definition and expression. Although these toys are no longer played by the urban children, they are still kept as souvenirs at home. But for the rural children, those lovely toys are something more than they can imagine.

Here are some samples of the traditional toys.

Pyit Taing Htaung

The "pyit-taing-htaung" which means " that which always rights itself when thrown down." It is a tumbling kelly or billycan. It is usually colored red and with a white smiling face. But sometimes, it comes in golden color too. In Myanmar, a person who rises up again and again in the face of all vicissitudes of life is likened to a "pyit-taing-htaung."

Thu Nge Daw
The "Thu-nge-daw" is a fat jovial character with hair hair tied in two trailing tresses. He represents a royal page and was chosen as the logo of the Visit Myanmar Year in 1996. He is described as a jolly fellow who dances all the time. He has circles of Thanakha on his face which makes him more sweeter.

Puppets (or) Marionettes
The puppets (or) marionettes of princes, princesses, clowns, orge, and horses are most common.

Zee Kwet
The Zee Kwet (or) the Myanmar Owls are believed to bring luck and prosperity to a family. The owls usually comes in pairs, a male owl and a female owl. But there is something more. At the base of the female owl, a tiny owl is also painted on it, to make it looks like a family. They come in gold color and decorated with red and other colors to give more life to the owls. They are always kept in pairs.

Masks of tigers, monkeys, kings, soldiers, necromancer and most of all, the fearsome green ogre are popular among the youngsters. These masks are sold at Pagoda festival all over the country, where most of the locals come to enjoy. The masks are colorful and attractive.

Bandoola Helmet and sword
The Great General Bandoola of Myanmar is well-known among children for his bravery. The Bandoola Helmet (warrior’s helmet) and painted wooden Myanmar long swords are a favourite toy among the boys and girls. Mostly ainted in red and green.

Clay Pots and kitchenware
Tiny clay pots and crockery are also available for the girls to play, cooking and washing at home. Pots come in different size and style. Other kitchenware like the mortar and pestle used for pounding chilli, onion, garlic, ginger and dried prawn. Some were of glazed pottery and very attractive.

Candle-light Pushing trolley
This toy is a trolley which is made of transparent plastic and bamboo sticks. This toy comes in different forms that you can imagine, like the airplane, rabbit, ship, lamp, crocodile, tiger .. so on. In the middle of the base, there is a place for a candle to be placed and then the child can push it around making it a colorful display. This toy is usually played by the Myanmar children during the Thadingyut festival.



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