The 28 Buddhas

The 28 Buddhas

The Pali names of the 28 Buddhas believed to have been in this world.

1 Tanhankara
2 Medhankara
3 Saranankara
4 Dipankara

5 Kondanna
6 Managala
7 Sumana
8 Revata
9 Sobhita
10 Anomadassi
11 Paduma
12 Narada
13 Padumuttara
14 Sumedha
15 Sujata
16 Piyadassi
17 Atthadassi
18 Dhammadassi
19 Siddhatta
20 Tissa
21 Phussa
22 Vipassi
23 Vessabhu
24 Sikhi
25 Kakusandha
26 Konagamana
27 Kassapa
28 Gotama



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