Mythical Creatures

Myanmar Mythology and Mythical Creatures

It's not just in the Greeks mythology where animals were combined into a single form. Myanmars also have quite a few number of combined form of mythical creatures.

Lion (Chinthe)


This is a Myanmar grotesque form of a mythical lion. Doe is still look like a lion to you? According to the legendary tales, lions are the best guards for religious shrines. You'll see statues of lions surrounds many pagodas in Myanmar.


Orge (Belu)


This is just an illustration of the head of an ogre or an oriental gargoyle.

Kanenaree (Kanenayar)


Very gentle mythical bird with human head and torso. Also is a symbol of true love. Kanenaree is a male. Kanenayar is a female. Kayar people believe that they decended from kaneree and kaneyars.

Pyinsa Rupa


It is a combination of 5 animals: elephant, bullock, horse, carp, and toenayar. Alternately lion, elephant, buffalo, carp, and hinthar.

Garuda Bird (Galone)


Mythical king of birds. It has a peak, 2 wings, 2 hands, and 2 legs.



Mythical sea monster resembling a crocodile with a prehensile snout.

Manote Thiha


Fabulous mythical creature with a man's torso and a lion's hindquarters, depicted in a squatting sposture on forked haunches.

So it has 6 legs. I wonder how it runs!

Nagar (Dragon)


Mythical dragon or serpent without legs, which breath fire, and can turn things to ash just by a look.



Brahminy duck

Sar Mayee


A large long-haired wild or domesticated ox

Toenayar or Nayar


Mythical dragon or serpent with 4 legs.



Mythical bird supposed to have a pleasant melodious cry. Considered as a sacred commuter bird.

Nawa Rupa
A combination of 9 animals into one. Can you imagine how it might look? We'll bring you a picture soon.



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