Myanmar Business Guide & Reviews

for Investors, Traders, & Marketers

Myanmar business laws would be one of the most important factors for all business people. Myanmar is opening up, so are the laws adapting to open doors to international investors. We have a special section of business laws for investors for doing business in Myanmar. [Click here]

Business opportunites in Myanmar can be enormous. Many media says tha Myanmar is the last frontier, opended up the the world's businesss community to do investment. Infrastructure, such as electricity, roads, etc, and human capital remains biggest challenges for doing business in Myanmar. 

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American Companies in Myanmar

We have made a list of American companies doing business in Myanmar. They include Coca-Cola, Ford, Pepsi, KFC, etc. AmCham has a list too. Heer is our list.

Doing Business in Myanmar

Since 2011, the Government of Burma has undertaken reforms to open Burma’s economy to the global marketplace. The Government of Burma has adopted, among other changes, budgetary and tax reforms, monetary and financial sector regulatory changes, and liberalization of trade and investment in order to integrate its country in the international economy. 

Myanmar Business Laws

Here are a list of essential business laws, for doing business in Myanmar, such as Myanmar Investment Law, Myanmar Companies Act, labor laws, trademark laws, IP laws, insurance laws, etc.

Myanmar Public Holidays

Myanmar public holidays are historical, customary and religious holidays. The longest holidays are in April, for the Myanmar new year events and the water festival.