9 Nawarat Ring

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The nine gems are ruby, pearl, coral, sapphire, diamond, cat's eye, emerald, topaz and zircon. The Nawarat Ringnawarat, a ring usually of gold with a ruby at its center and around it clock-wise from the twelve o'clock position, diamond, pearl, cat's eye, zircon or pyrope , emerald , topaz , sapphire, and coral.

Each of the nine gems is ascribed to be potent in its own way:

- Ruby for power and glory
- Emerald for peace
- Diamond for fame
- Cat's eye for accomplishment
- Sapphire for love
- Zircon for strength
- Topaz for health
- Coral for supremacy
- Pearl for grace

About the Nine Precious Gems

Ruby (Badamyar) is believed to be influential in social relations, promoting peaceful and congenial conditions.It is also believed to have the power to hive premonitions of danger. Good health, peace of mind, security from danger and success in business is said to be insured for the wearer of this gem.

Diamond (Sein) "the king of gems" is said to symbolize romance and good fortune.
It is believed to be a harbinger of the best kind of fortune, enabling lovers to reach profound depths of feelings, and businessmen to meet with golden opportunities and prosper.

Emerald (Mya) symbolize the rainy season, believed to ward off danger and promote peace and good health. It is said to nurture true love.

Sapphire (Nilar) signifies profound love.

Pearl (Pale) is believe to grant its wearer grace and matrimonial bliss and therefore much favoured by ladies.

Coral (Thandar) is said to bring good luck in love and marriage to a maiden and is regarded to have remedial powers where high blood-pressure of feminine disorders are concerned. It is also said to be a safeguard against witchcraft and sorcery.

Cat's Eye (Kyaung) symbolizes accomplishment success and prosperity.

Topaz (Outhaphyra) signifies good health and good specimens might be used as an alternative to the much more expensive diamond.

Zircon (Gawmeik) signifies strength and is also regarded as a palliative for arthritis.




Ruby, red spinel & red garnet
Natural Pearl, moonstone & white coral
Red Coral, red carnelian & red blood stone
Emerald, tsavorite & green tourmaline
Yellow Sapphire, yellow topaz & tourmaline
Diamond, white sapphire & colorless quartz
Blue Sapphire, iolite & indicolite
Hessonite, hyacinth & spessertite
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, tourmaline & fibrolite


Sun (Surya)







(Moon's N Node)

(Moon's S Node




Aries / Scorpio

Gemini / Virgo

Sagittarius / Pisces

Taurus / Libra

Capricorn / Aquarius

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