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The Myanmar dance moves from ancient times were known by carefully analyzing and rediscovering the murals on the temple ruins in Myanmar. This is especially true for Bagan Dances. For other dances, historic books and literature showed accounts, while our links to Ayuthdaya (Thai) and India suggested similarities in our dances. Of course, the inherited dance moves from generation to generation in dance troupes also taught us how the Myanmar dances were like in the days before British colonialism.

 There are several basic dance moves and postures an aspiring dancer has to learn. Chin up, chest out, bottoms up, knees bend is a strict to rule to follow by. In addition, a smile has to be always on the face, unless otherwise required by the particular dance. Myanmar dance requires the movement of every body part that one has. From the eye to the chin, from the shoulders to the fingers, and from the waist to the feet. There can be lively music that requires much jumping, or there can be classical music that requires much grace. Indeed, although at a glance, the dance may look easy, learning it can prove to be hard.

Here are some more of the Myanmar Traditional Dances.

Dance of the Royal page (A Classical male Dance )

Classical Dance of the Royal Maids (Dance of the Drums )

Myanmar National Races Cultural Dance

Sweet Lighting Music Dance

Lively Shawl Dance

Traditional Lamp Dance

The Solo Dance

Dance of the Maidens

The Stage Male Dance A Village Policy

The Beauty & Grace of the Hands

The Myanmar Dance, a modern version

Dance of the Konbaung Era

Magnificent Pindaingsan Dance

A Song of the "Nat" Spirits

Auspicious Glory

Dance of the Oil Lamps

Lively Dancer, Myanmar Mintha (Myanmar Prince)

Beginning of Summertime

Long Drum Fork Song and Dance

An Exulting Male Dance

The Female Look-alike Marionette Dance

Pakhanthar Myin Nyoshin

The " Htaung Yaung Nay " Classical Male Dance

U Shwe Yoe & Daw Moe

Dawei Water Fetching Dance

The Ozi (or) Kettledrum Dance Variety

Tu Hna Thwe (Romantic Duet)

The Horse Dance

Royal Rose

Mid Summer Shower

Too Po..... Too Po (Thyingan Water Festival Dance)

Myanmar Marionette" The Orge Dance "

Myanmar Marionette" The Alchemist Dance "

Timing Bell and Clapper Dance

Bagan Duet Dance

Bagan Era Chorus Dance

Chorus Dance with Fan and Umbrella

The Ogre Dance (Rama Yana Play)

Zawgyi (or) Magician of the forest Marionette Dance

Anyeint Zat- Pwe Folk dances



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