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Mystic Ball is a documentary about the traditional Chinlone sport of Myanmar. The film is a thrilling sports movie, an insightful journey to a new world, and a lyrical personal story.

Mystic Ball follows Greg Hamilton, the filmmaker, deep into the ancient and little-known culture of Myanmar and its traditional sport, chinlone. Like the film, chinlone is hard to define. It's a team sport without an opposing team, part dance, part meditation.

There is no competition, no winners and no losers. The game is back-breakingly difficult, yet is played by almost all Burmese, from young children to octogenarians.

The film follows Greg's transformation from outsider obsessed with learning chinlone to accomplished teammate of the masters of the game. But sport is only one aspect of his journey. Through chinlone, Greg discovers things he didn't even know he was looking for: family, community and love.

Mystic Ball's stunning cinematography and inspiring story will give you a sense of the mystical, and encourage a closer look at your own journey.

About the Film Makers

Greg Hamilton

A lifelong student of Asian culture, Greg Hamilton is the leading foreign authority on chinlone, the national sport of Myanmar, and the first foreigner to play the game at the highest level. Greg has practiced and taught martial arts, and created games and workshops to enhance balance, awareness, and agility. Greg has designed jewelry, textiles, and ran a very popular annual art festival in Toronto. He is also a gifted musician, who arranged and produced the original music for Mystic Ball. Originally from Canada, he has traveled extensively, and has lived, worked, studied, and performed in Indonesia, Thailand, Sudan, Japan, and Myanmar. Greg has made 18 trips to Myanmar. He is in the process of organizing the first ever chinlone world tour. Mystic Ball is his first film.

Matthew London

Matthew London has been working in the visual arts much of his life. Among his creations is the award-winning interactive multimedia CD-ROM, American Visions: 20th Century Art from the Roy R. Neuberger Collection. From the US, Matthew has been interested in Asian culture since he was 10, and has lived in Japan, Indonesia and Thailand and traveled extensively in the region. Matthew studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and documentary filmmaking at the International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine. In 1986, he was introduced to chinlone by his friend, the director Greg Hamilton. He has made eight trips to Myanmar. Mystic Ball is his first film.

The Awards for Mystic Ball

Winner - Audience Award
Chicago International Documentary Festival

Winner - Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature Film
Vancouver International Film Festival

Winner - Special Jury Award for Best Canadian Feature
& 2nd Place - Audience Award
Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival

Winner - Audience Award for Best Feature Film
Whistler Film Festival

Honorable Mention
Sport Movies & TV Festival, Italy




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