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Myanmar Martial Arts
Myanmar possesses a rich martial arts heritage. The martial arts was introduced into Myanmar almost 2000 years ago. Ancient writings reveal that as far back as the time of King Anawrahta (1044 - 77 A.D.) Buddhist monks were teaching the secrets of breath-control and mediation practice in addition to the principle of yielding of force – a principle that is found in arts like tai chi, aikido, and even judo. Myanmar's Martial art was named as Thaing.


Thaing is a Burmese term used to classify the indigenous martial systems of ancient Myanmar. The word "Thaing" loosely translates to "total combat".

There are many different forms of Thaing in Myanmar. Generally known to have originated in Northern Shan areas, it is known there as Shan Thaing. The traditional Myanmar Nantwin or The Royal Thaing has been kept secret among the practitioners who choose their students very carefully. There also is a technique known as Thaing byaungbyan or The Reversed form of Thaing, which became well-known among the public. It is a unique fighting art of mysterious origin.

Types of Myanmar Martial Arts are

Bando (Animal system or free hands system)
Banshay (Arts of the sword,staff and spear)
Lethwei (Burmese Boxing)
Naban (Burmese wrestling)
Bando yoga
Min Zin
Pongyi thaing
Bando kickboxing



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